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Increase Your “Reach” By Blogging

Author: Karen McGreevey

raised-hands-smThe Internet is full of a number of ways to communicate and form relationships with your prospects and customers.


While businesses used to rely on email for this, they can now use forums, social networking sites, RSS feeds, and a slew of other avenues. One such way to “talk” to your customers and colleagues is through blogging.


It’s a great way to keep your customers up-to-date on news, products, opinions; you name it.


Instead of putting out bulk email or contacting your prospects and customers individually, you just make a quick blog post and you’re done. You can include links, products, videos, and just about anything you want.


Further, these days people like the feeling of knowing someone they are hiring. If they feel like you’re a friend, or at least someone they can relate with, they’re more willing to seek you out, to buy your products, pay more for your wares, and tell their friends about you.


Thus, enter your blog … Read the rest of this entry »

video-email-sm-3Out of sight, out of mind!


If you’re not doing something in some sort of way to stay in touch with your clients, whether that’s about a short-term project or a long-term one, it’s important make a change or two and follow up with them on a regular basis.


As your former and current clients are likely one of the best sources for future clients, and it doesn’t take much to please a former client when you follow up with them.


Little Things Mean A Lot


People are touched more than you realize by the little things. A handwritten note or a newspaper clipping from an article you read, a quick email telling about a new product or service you are offering, a link to new software you thought they might be interested in that might work for them, a short note telling them they’re awesome will mean a lot if it’s done in an authentic way.


A Little Help from Your Friends


Your current clients can be great sources of new referrals. So keep them aware of the various types of work you do outside of the work you do for them. Offer incentives for referrals, too, as keeping connected will result in more clients.


Stop by again to get some additional tips like this.


Jewels of Life: Believe, Dream, Internet Marketing, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA



Saying Your Piece On the Internet

Author: Karen McGreevey

dfyga-article-sub-small-2010When you’re talking with someone face to face, it’s almost 99.9% easy to know what they are talking about.


After all, you not only speak with your mouth; you actually communicate with your body as well. And when you’re looking at someone, you can easily read the hand gestures, body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. Which make it pretty easy to understand what the person is saying.


All those clues go out the window, though, when you’re online, as your email, forum posts, other interactions and even webcasts often cannot easily get across your intent. The usual visual clues are non-existent.


However, by following a few simple rules interacting on the Internet can be a whole lot easier. For instance:


1. Write clearly. It’s often difficult to write down what is actually quite easy to say. But writing in an overly long or roundabout way can be confusing to the reader. Instead, think about what you mean to say and put it in short, clear sentences. Keep in mind that sentences dotted with punctuation can be read in a variety of ways, which may confuse your reader; so stick to short, clear sentences.


It also helps to close your message with a little humor or other “nicety.” This will help to keep your overall message from appearing dry. It’s very easy for people to confuse direct and to the point with abrasive when reading. Read the rest of this entry »

Content Marketing Video

Author: Karen McGreevey

video smYou may have noticed recently that video has become a driving force in content marketing. To wit: take a look at the success of YouTube and you’ll see that video content is a thriving entity all on its own. If you’re thinking you want to do video, too, and have usually been using textual content, then the thought of using video can be somewhat traumatizing!


Get the Tools


You really don’t have to spend a bunch of money on the right tools to create entertaining and engaging videos for your content marketing needs. However, at least spend enough to be able to provide adequate lighting and sound. You can even use your iPhone or iPad to create outstanding videos.


No “One Hit” Wonders


If you decide to create a video, you really ought to do more than one. In fact, having a regular video series as part of your blog is a good idea. It will encourage more viewers to take the time to view your videos. While initially it may feel as if no one is watching, if you take the time to stick to doing them over time you’ll begin to see positive results and increased viewership. Read the rest of this entry »

How the mind wanders

Author: Karen McGreevey

copywritingWhen your readers are engaged, they’re more likely to follow through on your call to action. This means more conversions, more sales, and a stronger business.


And so there are many tricks and tactics you can use to help your readers get and stay interested in the content you write. One such tactic is to make use of …


Font, Font Size and Color


For instance, some content creators enjoy writing content that helps their readers focus their attention on the words that matter most. You might choose to underline or place a particular word in bold lettering to show your reader that that specific word is important.


It helps your readers to center their attention when the word resonates with them. You can do this, too, by changing the size or color of the font or by changing the font itself. The concept is the same; to focus your reader’s attention on a word or phrase that re-engages them in your content.


And the more engaged and focused your reader is, the better the chance for you to secure a sale of your product or to obtain a customer for your services.


Want some other useful tips for your blogging? Take a look at Zac Johnson’s, Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger


Jewels of Life: Believe, Dream, Internet Marketing, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA



Ever lose your desktop icons?

Author: Karen McGreevey

120px-PC_Desktop_Cluttered_with_IconsA month or so ago, I was just minding my own business (actually, I think I was messing around with updating my Malwarebytes software), when I noticed my Windows 7 Desktop Icons had disappeared. The outline of each icon was there; the colored graphic to the icon was missing.


After my initial panic, I dug out my trusty Google search feature and after some research, found instructions on how to rebuild the Windows 7 Icon Cache!


Now, maybe you’ve never been presented with an issue like this. But just so you have it on hand if you are faced with missing icons, here are the instructions I found to get them back:


1. Close all folder windows that are currently open.
2. Launch Task Manager using the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key sequence, or by running taskmgr.exe
3. In the Process tab, right-click on the Explorer.exe process and select End Process
4. Click the End process button when asked for confirmation.
5. From the File menu of Task Manager, select New Task (Run…)
6. Type CMD.EXE, and click OK
7. In the Command Prompt window, type each of the below commands one by one and press ENTER after each command:


CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local
DEL IconCache.db /a
8. In Task Manager, click File, select New Task (Run…)
9. Type EXPLORER.EXE, and click OK.


Your icons should be as good as new!


(I must say that I was a bit apprehensive about what would happen here, even though I followed the instructions to a T.)


Source: Tom’s Hardware, Forum – Rebuilding your desktop icons


For insight on Window problems you might be faced with at some point, check out this book, Windows Tips, Tricks, and Secrets


Jewels of Life: Believe, Dream, Internet Marketing, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA


Photo source: Wikimedia Commons



Testimonials – what she said!

Author: Karen McGreevey

feedback-iconYou’re in the process of creating a new product (book, ebook, software, WordPress plugin, etc.) for your readers, customers and potentials!


Since your creation is a brand new product that nobody has yet, initially you’re not going to be able to easily include testimonials. After all, no one has seen it or knows what it is. So your first step is to make sure a number of people can get their hands on your product to try as soon as possible.


1. For starters, recruit at least 10 people to try your product. Tell them you’d really appreciate a testimonial if they find your product is helpful to them. Most people will be more than willing to do this in exchange for a quality product. If the product isn’t good, don’t worry, they’ll let you know.


2. Send your testers a form with questions to answer about your product. This way, the responses you get will be structured and will include the details that you need to construct a testimonial to complement your sales copy.


And while you’re at it, consider asking your testers the following: Read the rest of this entry »


connect_to_networkYou know it as well as I do, if you’re on the Internet for any length of time sooner or later your Internet will go down. And if you’re read here long enough over the years, you know sometimes I don’t handle it too well!


For me, lots of times it’s because I don’t know what to do instead. (Some of the things I come up with first are still things you need to do on the Internet.)


So if this has happens to you, or if you just need a checklist of things to try if you’re in this situation, consider these tips.


Do not go anywhere


While you might first consider heading to your local coffee shop with your laptop or to the nearby library, it may suit your time better if you just stay put. In particular, if you’ve got kids as by the time you pack up the kids, your work, your snacks, etc., your Internet may be back on. Read the rest of this entry »


copywritingWhen interacting online with your prospects and customers with your content, your articles, blog posts, newsletters, et al, you’ve probably discovered you have so much to say it’s hard to fit it all into short bits of information; but do it anyway.


Otherwise you’ll lose your audience’s attention. And once they click away, many times there’s no getting them back.


And while you’re at it, try to stick to your points that have the most impact or those that are completely opposite of what people in your industry are currently doing.


For more words of wisdom that help with writing for the web, check out Linda Felder’s book, Writing for the Web: Creating Compelling Web Content Using Words, Pictures, and Sound.


Jewels of Life: Believe, Dream, Internet Marketing, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA




toy-train-smContent is the little engine that could of any online business. In multipurpose mode, it helps define your personality, establishes your brand, attracts prospects, keeps them at your website, and turns them into customers.


So mixing it up and providing new forms of content to your visitors can give your business just the oomph you may be looking for. In fact, a simple ten-page report can accomplish tons.


Email List


The most basic way to utilize a ten-page report is to give it away as an opt-in for your email list. Create a top-quality and highly specialized report. Require an email address for delivery, and start creating a mailing list. Of course, the true benefit comes when you begin connecting with these qualified prospects, emailing them and eventually converting them to customers.


It’s Yours and Yours and Yours


If you already have an email list, never fear; consider giving them with a free report just because. Use your report to further establish your likeability, credibility, and authority. You can also add a few affiliate links and thus use the report to generate some income. Make sure any affiliate links you use are specific to the quality you want to associate with and are relevant to the information in your report. Read the rest of this entry »

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