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Archive for April 14th, 2013


Everybody’s doing it; you know they are. webinar-welcome And you know you ought to, too! Yet you’ve been holding off joining in on the fray. You know, however, you can only hold “them” at bay for so long.


So you might as well “get your feet wet”–and then do it handily with some of the following tips. Actually, I have seven tips that I’ll “spread” over several days–to give you a chance to “dig in to” the meat of them and to perhaps implement them as you go.


For starters, here are Tips 1 and 2:


1. Can you hear me now? What about “see” me?
How many webinars or online meetings have you sat in on that used the first 20, even 30, minutes or so trying to get everyone logged in, the “sound checked” and the visuals “pulled up”? Perhaps you’ve felt your precious time slipping away; time waiting you could have used to finish up that one report on the edge of your desk.


Instead of performing the many preliminary checks during the “live session”, consider using a checklist and preparing your sound and camera BEFORE the event starts.


Initiate the help of a friend or colleague and ask him or her to log in to the room with you beforehand.


* Do a trial run with him or her to see what glitches might materialize during your “trial”.
* Check microphones especially, and if you plan to record the event, test your recording equipment, too

* Lighting and background noise should also be considered.


2. Is it time yet?
If you’re scheduling a webinar do a bit of research before you set a date, then decide upon a date and time when your target audience is most apt to be available to show up. You’ll want to consider different time zones and countries as well. U.S. Eastern, mid-afternoon, midweek is a good time to attract viewers.


Be sure to stop back here this week for our additional tips.


And take a look at the Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide written by Lewis Howes.


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