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Archive for July, 2015

It’s not about you

Author: Karen McGreevey

error-smMany, many years ago (before my online existence), a young woman came in for an interview for a job opening. (I happened to sit in on the interview.)


Perhaps she was nervous or it was because she was trying to so hard impress, but just about every word out of her mouth was “I”, “me”; words that were to let us know how good she was or what she was involved in, etc. It was a turn off for me.


So while you’re most likely not going to present your wares – products, services – in a manner like that – it is important to steer clear of making “your pitch” to your audience of potential and actual customers in such a way that you get tuned out.


As witnessed by the millions of hits on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any number of blogs, these days potentials and actuals want to be entertained as they get educated! Thus, edge-of- the-seat content will more likely get them interested in your message enough they’ll check you out and/or share what you’re saying.


Graphic source: Pixabay


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Once is not enough

Author: Karen McGreevey

error-smWhen I first began this online journey some 8-9 years ago, some of the theory I learned/read was that it was important to get in front of your audience a minimum of once a month! (I believe that basic still holds true, for argument’s sake.)


However, once a month certainly “ain’t gonna” get you anywhere. Particularly with the social media revolution and the instantness in this day and age. Some send communication weekly, and others send two or three times a day even.


Of course with the social media avenue content output via email isn’t necessarily the standard go-to for content these days.


Whichever method you choose, though, you’ll want to stick with it consistently day and time-wise. And content type-wise as well (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram even) to see an increase in traffic, etc.


Stop back to catch our last tip in a couple of days.


Graphic source: Pixabay


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Avoiding Content Marketing Boo Boos

Author: Karen McGreevey

error-smPerhaps you’ve noticed that once you made up your mind to get into creating and writing content to market your business, your services, your products, you came across numerous tips on how to write and produce that content as well as ways to avoid making mistakes others made in their efforts to get where they wanted to be.


While a list of marketing boo boos can be quite long, I’ve taken three to flesh out and to share with you. Take a look …


1. What do they know! Why do they want to know? What’s in it for them?


Questions you might ask as you completely ignore what your customer has asked.


I don’t know about you, but I frequently receive emails from lists that I’m on wherein the main or sub-main question(s) is “How can I help you?” “What do you need help with?”


Perhaps you hang out at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even blogs in your niche or forums that interest you. Often the people behind those handles are asking questions that you can answer and as a result help them with their concerns. So do it!


It’s not necessary to agonize trying to figure out what they want; just ask them. Or pay attention to what they’re saying. And then answer them.


Two more tips will be published over the next few days, so stop back to see them.


Graphic source: Pixabay


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social-media-iconsIt’s easy to get confused when you’re starting out on social media. Even the “seasoned” group can learn a thing or two about the various social media platforms. So here are a few clues to work your social media no matter what your level.


1. Facebook isn’t the only game in town


While Facebook has by far become the “go to” platform for many when it comes to working social media, it’s not the only game in town. You can use other networks to promote your blog, your website, your services, your you. Especially if you’re looking at SEO purposes, you’ll want to engage in places like Google+.


2. A full plate is not always a good thing


Even though I mentioned in Tip 1 that it’s important to use other social media platforms to work social media, the opposite of that is to really temper your exposure on too many platforms at a time.


Not because it’s not a good idea to get acquainted at numerous sites, but because you run the risk of not achieving the results you’d like. You’re also spreading yourself too thin so you won’t have the time to devote to marketing as you’d like. So just pick a couple of networks to start. Read the rest of this entry »

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