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3 more ideas for adding content to your blog

blogging-tip-smIf the beginning of this post looks familiar, it’s because it is somewhat. To wit; the other day and then again on Saturday, I started and then added to a post on some new and useful tips on how and what to include new on your blog. Because I had so many thoughts on this to share, I’ve broken my initial long article into several posts that I’m spreading over time to spare you a sit down that could take you some time to read and to think on.


So see what you think about these additional three ideas when you want to add new content to your blog.


1. Gather the people’s posts


Yep, you can collect blog posts from other people who write about your niche, or you can do a round-up of blogs that were on your site during the week, such as “most viewed” or important bits of information that you don’t want your readers/followers to miss. All you need to do is to put up a short blurb and a link to the blog posts that you did not write to give the original writer/poster credit for her work.


2. Tell your readers about a book you read; an item you purchased


If you get paid or get a free product in return for doing a review, you must disclose it. But if you can, make it a practice to purchase the products and use affiliate links to earn some money for products you review and recommend.


By the way, reviewing books within your niche on Amazon is also a great way to get traffic to your blog.


3. See something on the Internet you want to comment on?


You can give a short synopsis of the blog post, and then link to the actual blog post or article, and then comment on it on your blog. But be forewarned, if your comments are along the negative-side or otherwise critical (unless that is your niche), people can get quite upset. And they make no bones about it.


When you’re in “the throes” of your blogging, here’s a resource by Mike Fishbein, The Ultimate Guide to Blogging: What To Write About, How to Promote Your Blog, & How to Make Money Blogging, with yet another perspective on blogging.


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