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A nip here, a little tuck there

recycleSo there you are, sitting at your computer with nary a thought in mind as to what to write about in your blog post today.


You know “you gotta” (or at least you “oughta”) do it, yet your mind is coming up blank.


Here’s something you might try; take one of your old blog posts or articles and “recycle” it a bit. In fact, you could even treat it somewhat like “PRL”. For starters, just rework a paragraph here or there.


When changing up the wording here and there you could also add one or two new keywords, which will give the blog post or article a completely fresh and timely feel.


For more ideas on what to do to change up your writing, your might be interested in Mignon Fogarty’s book, Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (Quick & Dirty Tips)


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