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A Tip or Few About Writing Your First E-book

Join the club…if you have ever thought about writing an e-book!


Writing an e-Book can be very boring; the process may be especially tedious. Particularly since there are numerous things involved in the process that tend to be a bit boring.


In fact, it’s quite possible you’ll start writing an e-book and may never finish it.


In order to overcome boredom or a long, drag out affair, it’s extremely important that you make a strict schedule for your writing. One of the best ways to complete an e-book is to just write, without thinking about what your next sentence will be. In other words, just do a “brain dump!”


Some points you might consider when you think about writing your e-book.


Your Title Must Sound Appealing


An attention-grabbing headline or title for your e-book is extremely important. Effective titles attract your reader by getting her curious enough she will want to read what you have to say. A title should be such that your reader will know you will help her find answers to her questions.


Who Will Be Your Audience?


Choose your audience before you start to write your e-book.


Decide which type of audience will benefit from your subject. Consider such factors like age, income, culture, social background and the education of the audience you want to attract.


Create Your Document


Once you have the foundation for your e-book you can begin to write the main body of your e-book.


One of the best ways to work with and to maintain your document is to write it in MS Word. Using Ms Word can help you make changes to your document when and if you need to do so. In the process, you can also keep track of any spelling errors.


When you put your e-book together, think about who you’re marketing to and select a font size that is easily read by people of all age groups.


Avoid using too many fonts (sizes or colors) as this may irritate your readers. And, it may upset the aesthetics of your finished work.


When all of the above is in place, create your e-book. Then all you have to do is publish your e-book online, and wait for download requests from your Web site visitors.


So you can see, in theory, creating an e-book is a fairly simple and easy process. It’s the actually “getting to it,” that may trip you up somewhat.


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