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social-media-iconsIt’s easy to get confused when you’re starting out on social media. Even the “seasoned” group can learn a thing or two about the various social media platforms. So here are a few clues to work your social media no matter what your level.


1. Facebook isn’t the only game in town


While Facebook has by far become the “go to” platform for many when it comes to working social media, it’s not the only game in town. You can use other networks to promote your blog, your website, your services, your you. Especially if you’re looking at SEO purposes, you’ll want to engage in places like Google+.


2. A full plate is not always a good thing


Even though I mentioned in Tip 1 that it’s important to use other social media platforms to work social media, the opposite of that is to really temper your exposure on too many platforms at a time.


Not because it’s not a good idea to get acquainted at numerous sites, but because you run the risk of not achieving the results you’d like. You’re also spreading yourself too thin so you won’t have the time to devote to marketing as you’d like. So just pick a couple of networks to start. Read the rest of this entry »


same-old-same-old-smIs this you? …


You feel like you’re regularly writing over and over on similar topics? If so, you may want to instead create a series of templates to use as you write.


You could come up with a template that would fill in the blanks for you that in the ends provides a basic outline for your new article. For instance, your template might “contain all the information you need for your Author Resource box” or the links that you always include in your Resource box.


You could even format your template with the same font style and size, as well as the page size. These preliminary steps can be extremely useful, especially if you often save a Word document into a PDF file that you upload to document sharing sites.


Further, article and report templates are perfect to help you brand your business. For example, if you write tutorials on a number of different topics where each one is delivered in the same format. This helps your reader to identify the source of the work and it helps to solidify you/your business as an authority on your niche/topic.


For a few more tips, take a look at Anthony Carter’s, Online Content Writing.


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A nip here, a little tuck there

Author: Karen McGreevey

recycleSo there you are, sitting at your computer with nary a thought in mind as to what to write about in your blog post today.


You know “you gotta” (or at least you “oughta”) do it, yet your mind is coming up blank.


Here’s something you might try; take one of your old blog posts or articles and “recycle” it a bit. In fact, you could even treat it somewhat like “PRL”. For starters, just rework a paragraph here or there.


When changing up the wording here and there you could also add one or two new keywords, which will give the blog post or article a completely fresh and timely feel.


For more ideas on what to do to change up your writing, your might be interested in Mignon Fogarty’s book, Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (Quick & Dirty Tips)


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“Killer Webinar” Tips 3-5

Author: Karen McGreevey

The other day, I began a rather lengthy post webinar-welcome with “Tips for Putting on a ‘Killer’ Webinar.


Because of its length, I decided to break the post into several parts and to encourage you to come back often to get the rest of the tips.


Thus, this post reflects “tips 3, 4 and 5” you can use to enhance your viewer’s webinar experience:


1. You talk too much.
Let it not be said that trying to cram too much information into one Webinar is a detriment to your audience. But it can happen. As a result, you Webinar may go too long or there will be too much news for your target viewers to assimilate. Thus, they’re apt to lose focus, or you’ll find they click away before your time is up. So try to narrow your subject.


2. Your Webinar is not a sale.
Opposite to having too much information is not having enough to talk about. Which then puts you into the “selling” mode. While it’s true, you are conducting the Webinar to eventually generate sales, you don’t want to spend your entire session selling. It’s a major turnoff as your audience really would like to know a bit about your product, your service that they can use.


3. A wing and a prayer!
If you’re taking the time to put on a Webinar, you’ll want to go into it wholeheartedly by planning what you’re going to say. Of course, you don’t want to come across stilted but you do want to have some cohesiveness to your presentation. Notes are good and if you’re giving facts about your topic, include sources for them.


That’s it for today, folks! I’ll have the “final two” tips in a few days. See you then!


And in case you missed it, here’s that link to the “Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide written by Lewis Howes.


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OIVAC Early Bird Special

Author: Karen McGreevey

Check out the Early Bird2013-banner3Special presented by the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) that’s srunning now until March 31.


The Convention itself takes place May 16-18.


The lineup of scheduled events and the latest in technology are sure to knock your socks off!


To get all the details and to register, click here.


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Getting Your Confidence On

Author: Karen McGreevey

When it comes to writing, you love it, you don’t! You love it; you don’t! That is the dilemma.


And sometimes you procrastinate on getting your writing self in gear because you just don’t have the confidence you need to get going that particular day.


So much so that you’re having a time getting started writing an article or blog post; in fact, you just can’t seem to come up with an idea. And the more you “sit and stew” about it, the more you’re stuck.


Well, how about if you just get up and change your scenery; take a walk, play with the cat, chase the dog, do the dishes (eh, maybe not), get a massage!


If you do need to fill in a gap in your writing routine, though, you could use some PLR. Or better yet, check out one of the article directories to find an article along the line of your topic.


And when all your change of scene or routine is done, you’ll find you’re refreshed with a positive attitude in tow, and ready for writing with a new attitude.


If you need a little help to get your writing thinking cap on, check out Joanna Young’s “199 Ways to Write with Confidence.”


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Dem Bones and Da Meat

Author: Karen McGreevey

Need two tips for writing an article or blog post when you “just can’t come up” with anything to say once you’ve chosen your topic?


1. Try writing an outline (dem bones).


Actually, from what I’ve read around the web (or have seen in writing tips all around), the consensus is to first write an outline. (In full disclosure, I often don’t!)


Include your main points–or those thoughts you want your reader to know.


2. Next, give your “bones” “da meat”.


Which is to say “flesh out” your outline so you have a beginning, a middle and an end; your intro, your body and your summary/conclusion!


The main thing is to just get started. And once you do, the rest will follow.


Check out Quick and Easy Content Writing Tips by Douglas Roberts. He’s got 99 of them!


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Click Here Now

Author: Karen McGreevey

You’ve spent hours and hours writing your articles, your web copy, your blog posts, your sales page.


Even the video blurb at your site has been crafted to the Nth degree to help you sell your services, your products, yourself.


You’ve created an exceptional message touting your product or service that anyone would be anxious to line up for.


But, there’s something missing. It’s unclear what your offer is or even where is it?


Think about this; what do you want your reader, your visitor to do once he’s finished reading your blog post or your article? Do you have a “buy now” button, or “click here now” wording?


When there’s a credit card in hand or a PayPal button at the ready, you want to be sure to have a call to action.


P.S. And speaking of adding a call to action, you could say something like “get our weekly ezine, On the Bright Side, by leaving your name in the box to the upper right.


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Hi Karen,


Thanks for allowing me to stop by and share a few tips from *Book Marketing VAs: Helping Authors Achieve Writing, Marketing and Bestseller Success*, my newest publication that offers book marketing and promotion tips and ways an Online Book Marketing Specialist helps writers spread the word, share their passion and achieve book marketing goals.


You’ve written your first book and are eager to share it with the world. However, you’re not sure what tools to select from or how to proactively promote your book and increase sales.


A few suggestions include:


Website: Having a website in place prior to launching a book publicity campaign is one of the most important elements. It’s basically your “home base.” Media contacts and individuals interested in purchasing your book will often visit an author’s website to learn more information about the book before they initiate a request or decide to finalize a purchase. Six website essentials we recommend for a book/author website are:


Author bio – Your bio should include information about your background that relates to your book’s content/storyline.


Book synopsis – a brief overview of the book’s subject matter.


Reviews page – the reviews page should be designated to reader reviews and feedback only.


At our next stop, we will spotlight additional information to consider before launching a book marketing and publicity campaign.


* * * * *


Sharon Williams, MVA, and Online Book Marketing Specialist, is president and CEO of Book Marketing Williams possesses more than 20 years of marketing and promotions experience and leads a knowledgeable Author Support team dedicated to helping authors achieve writing, marketing and bestseller success. Visit us at for a copy of our 10 Book Marketing Success Tips and to register for our bi-weekly book marketing tips publication.


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Eren Mckay, today’s guest blogger, shares her insight about using Keyword Research to build your niche website.


Okay, so you’ve decided to create a website and you’ve even chosen the niche that you want to go into but you don’t really know how to go about choosing the right keyword phrases. Here in this article I’ll be covering different aspects of keyword research to help you understand the uses for each one.
Read the rest of this entry »

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