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Social Networks, Your Business and You

Author: Karen McGreevey

Are you in to social networking yet? Is it even on your radar? In case you haven’t thought that far, here are a few things to consider for how social networking might help you…


Got a product or service to sell? It’s a given that you need some way to let the general public (well, any potential customers) know it. After all, you can’t buy a product or a service if you don’t know it exists.


Oh sure, there are many offline things you might do to advertise your business; but, as you know, some of the more “conventional” methods cost money. Just look at the 30-second sponsor ads for some of the televised football bowl games!


The good news is there are ways you can promote yourself and the products or services you sell WITHOUT spending any money.


And that’s something you can write home about!


One of those popular ways is via the online social networking websites.


Stop back anytime to see what tips we have on social networking!


How’s that for a teaser?


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The other day, I started a several days’ series on How Infomercials and Internet Marketing are the same or similar.


Today, marks the third day of comparisons, with this bit of information:


If you’ve noticed, most 30 minute spots in Infomercials are over 80% customer testimonials. They’ve learned testimonials are hands-down the BEST way to get credibility. So don’t hold back on showing your testimonial fervor.


Put your testimonials on your site in plain sight; if you have a “sidebar”, you could include them there. Or you might even devote a whole page to your testimonials.


Take a look at Corey Perlman’s book, eBoot Camp: Proven Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business to help you with your Internet Marketing.


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Say Your Piece

Author: Karen McGreevey

You’ve spent all that time (or maybe not) writing an article about whatever it is that you write about for your business, for fun, or to put a price tag on to help to increase your profit.


So now’s your chance to make it work for you.


Besides do the same old, same old like submitting it to article directories, try breaking your article into bits, and posting parts of it on your blog.


Or, if you’ve written a “how to” article, you might take one of the “how to” points and create another article with it. Or…


Say your piece


Get out your microphone, hook it to your computer and start talking! You can even “read your article”, to make an audio.


You can then make it available as a download at your site as incentive to your visitors to leave their email information. In turn, you grow your list!


Audio is especially great because you can then “burn” the audio to a disc, to be carried about and played while your clients/visitors/interested parties are driving, having some quiet time, doing a hobby, etc.


And you and your expertise are staying in front of your audience!


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You resource box needs one…

Author: Karen McGreevey

As an online business owner, how do you let the world know you can do what you say you can do?


Well, you might write articles and submit them to online article directories.


To which you add a Resource Box.


But here’s a twist! Write a Resource box that’s brief, yet loaded with information.


Along with your name, your website address, your pitch, and your call to action, be sure to include your contact information. Make sure your email address is a professional one.


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Recently, while watching one of the cable news channels, several attorneys in panel-fashion were giving their take on a particular subject.


However, they talked too much! They jumped around! And in doing so, they didn’t answer the question originally asked!


This should be a rule with you, too, when you write articles, post blogs, put up Web sites or send email. Or perform any other written task.


Your writing projects, particularly your articles and blog posts, will be best-suited to your readers if you focus on one subject. It’s already been proven that readers and visitors to sites like the “short and succinct” so they can “hit and run” to the next wherever.


After all, they probably landed at your site, your blog, or found your article in the first place because they were looking for just “one” search item. So when you learn to craft your words so that you “stay on task”, your visitors will be thankful.


It’s that “features and benefits”


Jewels of Life: Believe, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA, Righting Your Writing, Writing



Auto-responder Change-ups

Author: Karen McGreevey

Stuck in a rut with only your ezine going out regularly? Well, use some of these ideas to improve your ezine and get you on a new track.


1. With your auto-responder, send back issues of your eZine to your subscribers, instead of uploading and hosting all your archives online.


This way, you’ll give your subscribers and Web site visitors easy access to them. This will also give you a chance to use graphics, audio and video and other such elements in .PDF files for quick, easy download.


2. The auto-responder will help you deal with tech issues. You’ll be able to publish your entire web site, save it in a PDF file, and load it into an auto-responder.

Sometimes visitors don’t have enough time to read everything you’ve got on your site, or they lose their Internet connection. This way, they can print your ezine and read it at their leisure offline.


3. Offer your eBook via an auto responder. Often your visitors won’t have the time to download it or have the software to read it right away, so this way they can take it “to go”.


4. For a handy – -and nice legal – touch, you could include the terms and conditions to purchase transactions and load them into an auto-responder that is triggered with each purchase. This could also include return policies, purchases, refunds etc.


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Yesterday I began a multi-point post on how you might use articles to increase the PR for your business.


Since I have several points to make, I decided to post the article in “bite-size” bits over a number of days.


So, then, here are a few more “points to ponder” toward using articles to up your business anty:


1. Offer an article as a free gift when people refer others to you.


This is quite easy and so simple; you’ve got your article in hand already so all you’d need to do is to send your referrals a link to the download of your article.


2. Provide an article as a free gift to those who subscribe to your opt-in list.

Visitors to your site like to have a “take-away” of something that shows you know your stuff; an article will also increase your knowledge stature to your readers.


3. Contact local colleges, seminar or workshop presenters, and other training organizations to see if your article would make a nice addition to their training materials packet.


This item is one you might not consider. Nevertheless, it would be a good way to get your business acumen in front of a local market.


Stop back tomorrow to pick up a few more ways to use your articles to get killer PR for your business!


In the meantime, have you seen Robert Bly’s ebook, How to Write & Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit? It’s full of additional tips for content writers like you.


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Be Easily Accessible

Author: Karen McGreevey

This means that when you’re putting your blog together (and/or even if you’ve got a blog that’s been up and running for a while now), you might “checklist” this point…


How easy is it for your visitors to contact you?


Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes. Say you land at a particularly interesting site, you like what the person is saying or selling, but you have a question about the product or service.


You can’t find an email address nor can you see a telephone number. What do you do?


Most likely, you’ll click away and never look back, nor will you return to that spot.


That said, don’t let that happen to you.


The more available you are to your visitors, the happier they will be. Which means they will be eager to return often to your site. And that could eventually lead to (new/more) sales, JV partnerships, etc., as well.


Make it easy to reach you!


Jewels of Life: Believe, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA, Righting Your Writing, Writing



New Blog? Here’s Another Tip

Author: Karen McGreevey

If you “stopped in” here yesterday, you know I began a “series” of tips for someone who might want some suggestions on how to get a blog up and running.


Today, I’m encouraging you to include taking a strong look at setting up your blog with an easy way for your readers to know how to contact you if the need arises. This is called:


Availing yourself to easy accessibility


In short, this means that you…


-Make it easy for your visitors to know how to contact you. How many times have you found yourself at a website that had a product you wanted? Or, the web owner’s message resonated with you enough that you felt a need to send that person an email or to ask a question?


But you couldn’t, because there was no email address or telephone number in sight!


So, keep your profile updated and include email instructions or a telephone number your visitors can use if they have any questions. And if you are concerned about being spammed, you might consider getting an 800 number (and use voicemail), and setting up a gmail or yahoo account.


Bottom line: The more available you are to your visitors, the happier they will be. Which means they will be eager to return to your site often.


Now, come back tomorrow as I’ll have the final tip in this series. See you then.


Jewels of Life: Believe, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA, Righting Your Writing, Writing



Put Your Articles to Work for You

Author: Karen McGreevey

Just because you’ve written an article, don’t think you can “rest on your laurels”; ’cause you’re not done yet! You can’t just let it sit!


Make it work for you!


Here are 5 ways you can use to try to GET the most use out of your articles!


1. Readers/customers/visitors like FREE, so offer them your article as a FREE REPORT.


2. Take an extra bit of time to put your article on an autoresponder.


3. Think referral! Offer your article as a free gift to your readers when they send referrals to you.


4. At the time your visitor subscribes to your opt-in list, offer an article as a free gift, and


5. Turn your article into weekly tips for an ezine, a newspaper column, or magazines


What other ways can you think of to re-purpose your articles?


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