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Cue Up the Twilight Zone Music

Author: Karen McGreevey

About six months ago I spent several days, off and on, whining about some issues I was having with this Kreative Ramblings blog site; the home page often would not load correctly. And when it did, I was linked to some “errant” sites that when I clicked on a link showed up as sites selling Viagra and other medicines.


I discovered, after a time, that a “rogue hacker” had got into my site somehow and had deposited malicious links.


After much searching and finally a move to a different web host, the bad guys were located and the problem resolved.


That was then, this is now!


A few days ago, I received an email from a company representing a bank in Spain. They informed me that my mail Web site was “hosting” a phishing company that was trying to gather credit card and other personal information for a bank they represented.


Since the email originally landed in my “Junk Mail” folder, I at first thought the email was a scam. I did, however, log in to the control panel for my Web site so I could see the site page to which they referred.


But, I could not log in to the back end of my site because the password would not work. When I contacted my web host, I learned they had changed the password because the “phishing” issue had been reported to them, also. They resolved the matter for me.


Then, just yesterday…Tuesday…I again received another email from this same source. This time they identified another part of my site that had also been hi-jacked. Actually, it was a PDF file I had created and uploaded–two years ago!


And, I was able to delete the web page the hackers had created; now I’m crossing fingers that this resolves the issue once and for all.


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Tell Them About It!

Author: Karen McGreevey

If you want people to find you on the web,
a good way to do that is through blogging.


This also holds true for how people can find your information products. Sure, you have a sales page for each info product and you use essential keywords in the sales copy, but sales pages are meant for one thing: for the customer to click the “buy” button, have the “prize”drop out, and then move on.


So, starting a blog and writing pertinent information for your target market on a regular basis will help to secure your position as an expert. However, it will also encourage people to visit your blog many times over.


By you writing multiple posts each week, your are supplying your visitors with a“Come back often now, you hear?”invitation! Better yet, while they’ “stopping by”, they may even subscribe to your RSS feed, newsletter or download whatever it is you’re offering.


A blog is easy to create and you don’t need to be a web expert to do create it. Since you’re trying to reach “expert” status, you may want to keep your blog attached to your current business Web site. All you need after that is a design and then you’re set to start writing.


What you write is essential if you want your blogging efforts to be successful. Make each post interesting and timely and something people will want to read. Make your blog posts short (300-400 words) and easy to read—and don’t use big words people won’t understand.


Start by blogging about your info product since that’s what you’re selling.


This isn’t another sales pitch so you can focus on smaller topics. For instance, if you have an info product about green living, write about the “Top 10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Recycle.” Another post can be “How to Introduce Green Living into the Classroom.” You can write on any number of different topics of interest or highlight certain ideas from the info product to show your expertise without giving another hard sell for your product.


Constantly update your blogs, don’t just blog once and forget about it. Blog daily at first to attract readers. Add promotional posts for your info product at the end of your blogs to also get people to your site. Feel free to mention the product in another individual post. If people are interested in what you are writing, they’ll find your link and click on it.


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Getting Back the Fire – Tips 5 & 6

Author: Karen McGreevey

Boost your energy


Perhaps you’ve noticed how the desire to lose weight sometimes leads some of us to drink coffee, use diet pills or to drink diet pop. This is because the energy-inducing ingredients in these products boost our systems and act as an impetus to motivate us. Actually, exercising and getting a good night’s sleep will as well.


Since the “moody blues” can sometimes be brought on by too many sugary foods and the “sugar blues”, in turn, can kill motivation, it’s wise to limit the use of sugar products.


Take any small step


Neil Armstrong said, “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind”. While he probably didn’t mean it quite like this.


But if you commit to doing just one task for one day toward your goal, perhaps like writing a paragraph in a sales letter, it won’t be long before you get motivated enough to finish the sales letter because you know when it’s finished you’ll be able to finish uploading your ebook to your Web site, and you can then start selling it and earning money.


Money speaks pretty loud


Motivation techniques really do work.


Some of the foregoing examples attest to the fact that motivation techniques really do work. However, the “how” is up to you since what stirs your colleagues may not stir your soul.


In any case, a good laugh can overcome a lot of things so whatever path you choose to rev up your motivator, let humor be your guide.


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Secrets to Getting Back the Fire

Author: Karen McGreevey

Can’t think, brain numb? Motivation won’t come?


Believe it or not, we all have times when we just can’t get motivated to “get up and go”; whether that “go” is to work or to write an article or to clean house or to tackle a huge project for a client.


How many times have you taken the time to sit in on this or that seminar or to even read this or that motivational book to learn hundreds of ways to improve your life? But then all that learning just set up camp in your brain because you didn’t do anything with it.


Instead, you got side-tracked watching the Aflac duck in his latest predicament (I love that duck!). Perhaps you didn’t feel like doing what you ought to have been doing and so you did nothing!


Aflac duck or not, sometimes even the highly motivated of us may sometimes find ourselves in the throes of lazy and more readily disregard the nagging pull to start on an important task.


So what’s a body to do?


Over the next few days, we’ll discuss several tips to help you get motivated.


Stop back tomorrow to get started.


Jewels of Life: Hope, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA



Everybody’s doing it–you can, too

Author: Karen McGreevey

You wishing you could be like “everyone else” and have a blog?


But you don’t know what to do or where to start?


I know something that might interest you.


Traci Knoppe of Genesis Blogging is launching a “Beginner to Blogging” with Word Press, 4-week ecourse Monday, June 1, 2009. The course is limited to the first 1,000, and will sell out fast.


Here is the link to Traci’s site so you can get the details and see for yourself what all the hoopla is about.


Learn how to create a blog with the Beginner to Blogger in 4 Weeks eCourse


And while you’re there, get on the mailing list, too!


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We’re giving away services!

Author: Karen McGreevey



I’m one of about 30 other businesses who’ve joined together to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars in DONE FOR YOU products and services!


Check out the Done For You Giveaway of the Century at Done For You Giveaway


You’ve never seen a giveaway like this. We’re NOT giving away information products…audio programs, how-to reports, etc. We’re giving away ACTUAL WORK that makes running your business so much easier.


No hype. No gimmick. No catch. No strings.


Just real products and services for YOU!


– Bookkeeping
– Audio & video production
– Customizable workshops & teleseminars
– Home page rewrites
– Ghostwriting
– Squeeze pages
– Articles
– Done-for-you newsletters
– Ready-to-give speeches
– Blog set-up
– Editing
– Ezine template design
– Business letters
– Social media set-up
– Shopping cart service
– Web banner design
– Sales pages
– Book cover design
– Expert-maker interviews
– Ready-made E-courses


And tons more! ALL F*REE*!


Check it out and pre-register at Done For You Giveaway


The giveaway opens April 15 and goes until April 30!


And be sure to tell your friends!


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Keyword-rich articles are your first step to achieving your personal or business related goals.


However, many authors wonder why their articles are not being picked up by publishers and webmasters to be placed on their theme-related Web sites. So, if you’re willing to follow a few simple steps, we can get you on your way to having a successful article writing campaign that will appeal to publishers, webmasters, and also your online readers.


For instance, look at these


Tip #1: When readers search for a specific topic of interest, they’re searching for information that answers specific questions they may have at the time.


If you’re not exactly sure how to format your article to flow with all the necessary information, just remember that when you start writing your articles, consider formatting them with the focus on the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY.


You will find that when you start to develop your articles in this format, you will definitely make it easier to write your articles on specific topics that will flow naturally.


Tip #2: If you’re writing about a specific topic that can help your readers, provide a brief introduction of what you’re going to talk about.


This way if the reader is interested in what you have to say, they will know the direction you’re going in on your specific topic. In the body of your articles, include the key information of your topic, and the many features, followed by the benefits.


The best way to do this is to briefly talk first about the feature of your topic, product, or services, then follow that up with a detailed benefit (make sure you focus on and write more about the benefit). At the bottom of you article, always end it with a brief conclusion.


The End


Never stop writing without having an ending. Not necessarily the “The End”. But if you don’t have a clear ending, readers will wonder if they received the entire article, or if some information is missing. Besides, most everyone likes an ending.


These are just a few of the guidelines to article writing success


So if you take some of this information and use it to best fit your writing style, you will be on your way to being a great Web Author. And as an added bonus, publishers and webmasters hungry for fresh content with a quality message will be chasing after you to pick up your well-written content that will offer their readers a quality message.


Jewels of Life: Hope, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA



I spoke too soon

Author: Karen McGreevey

Oops. We’ve still experiencing trouble.

I think we’ve been fixed

Author: Karen McGreevey

It gives me great pleasure


to say that I think my blog has been fixed!”


I say this, as I sit here with all my fingers crossed!


Unfortunately, my site here has been troubled for at least six weeks with all kinds of crazy stuff showing up on it…mostly, I noted it in the html code of the “View Source” area. Once, though, in the php code I saw a url to a web site that had nothing to do with this site.


Here’s to hoping this blog is backnow to stay in its original format.


Jewels of Life: Hope, Working with a VA




1001 Advertising Tips

Author: Karen McGreevey

1001 Advertising Tips, by Luc Dupont, at Amazon is a reference guide full of expert advice on how to advertise effectively.


It explains what works and what doesn’t in advertising, is written in how-to terms and is a step-by-step guide to create advertising that sells. The ideas in the book are organized in points, supported by examples from past advertising campaigns and are illustrated throughout with actual ads. All these visual examples make the ideas clear and memorable.


In 1001 Advertising Tips you will read about marketing strategies and be offered insight, tools, and techniques that you need to market any product or service.


In this book you will learn:


• The types of words that persuade
• The images that grab consumers’ attention
• What to think about sponsorship and product placement
• The kinds of slogans are the most effective
• The number of repetitions needed to sell your product
• The colors that optimize your message
• The power of corporate and brand logos
• The choice of a product name


The Tips on Advertising in this book make the book an ideal stimulator. Each chapter is a well-researched mix of scientific knowledge and concrete examples. No matter what type of advertising you use (print, billboard, television or radio advertising) this book offers proven strategies. It outlines everything you need to know to create advertisements that will make your sales soar, regardless of your budget.


If advertising is a part of your marketing plan, you need some guidance and support to take your advertising efforts to the next level.


Jewels of Life: Tips and Tricks



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