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blogging-tip-smAs you know, coming up with content for your blog can be difficult at times, especially if you don’t know all the different types of content you can create as a blog post.


Once you realize, though, that almost any type of content can be turned into a blog post, it’s easier to come up with a lot of different content. For instance, blog posts like …


1. How do you do that?


Teaching your readers things is a great type of post. In fact, you can do how to posts about any number of topics within your niche. If you’re not sure how to get going, though, it’s safe to just start at the beginning. After all, someone out there is a beginner regardless of whether you’re talking about your niche or otherwise.


2. Listy Lists


Creating lists is a great way to create a useful blog post. A list can be anything from a resource list, to a list of do’s and don’ts. Even a list of products that you like to use (adding your affiliate links, of course) is yet another great way to put content on your blog.


3. The Long of It


Generally, you’ll be writing blog posts about 500 words or so, but now and then it’s good to write a really long post. In fact, an in-depth blog post that’s about 1500 words in length is a terrific way to add hard-hitting, relevant content to your blog. Read the rest of this entry »

So tell us what you really think

Author: Karen McGreevey

Talk_page_icon_crystalTo “talk” or “not to talk”, that can be the question you consider when you’re writing your articles and blog posts.


What about if you should you be concerned about telling it like it is (according to you) when you write? In short, you bet; though you may hesitate about becoming too controversial on certain topics.


But there is really nothing wrong with saying what you think and voicing your thoughts and opinions on any subject.


Of course when you do so, you may easily be creating content that takes on a life of it’s own, a bit of contrary flavor. Even so, many people enjoy this type of content, especially on social sites.


Further, you’ll find they love to add their “two cents” before sharing with their friends. Which means your content could easily go all over the place and receive thousands of views, as a result.


In addition, when you step up and get your opinions out in the open you are opening the dialog to allowing your readers to chime in and add their own thoughts and comments.


This type of interaction can be a really cool thing; it can even help you get hundreds of additional readers to your blog and other writings. In fact, many standout blog conversations began and were conducted in the Comments section.


Want more tips on blogging and getting social, take a look at Jennifer Abernethy’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing


Graphic source: Commons.Wikimedia


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I said all that to say this …

Author: Karen McGreevey

summaryOkay, like you usually do, you’ve spent a good amount of time crafting your article or blog post. So now you’re ready to post it to your blog or to an article directory.


However, before you do that you might go over it to be sure you have included an easy-to-understand summary that explains what your blog post/article is about.


In short, at the end of your blog post you will repeat in short form what you just said. In one good “short and sweet”, 150 words or less paragraph! You can even use your summary to describe your article, if you like.


Once you begin to perfect your summaries, you’ll discover that your copywriting skills have gotten better. In addition, when it comes time to write a sales page it will be easier to craft shorter sentences that reflect your benefits and key points.


Further, if you tighten up your summary even more, say into 150 characters, that summary can be the sentence that gets displayed by the search engines when your website cycles on the results page.


For more solutions for writing blog posts take a look at Michael Greenwood’s ebook, “How to Write Quality Blog Posts: A Guide to Successful Blogging”.


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If your masterpiece is rejected …

Author: Karen McGreevey

rejected-smYou’ve written a really neat masterpiece of an article that you submitted to your favorite publication or online article directory. After a modest amount of waiting, you receive a notice that your work has been rejected.


Your first inclination might be to mope around and “woe is me” a bit, thinking how all that hard work is for nothing. That you have failed! That your article is worthless and unsuitable for every other publication out there now or in the future!


If that is your mantra, you need a re-program in your mindset. A “rejection” is not a Scarlet Letter on your forehead!


First of all, if your article is rejected, DO NOT stomp on it or throw it away or otherwise destroy it. Just because your work was rejected by one publication, it does not mean it can’t be exactly what another publication is looking for.


One man’s junk is another man’s treasure


Google for other publications on your topic. Then look at it again; maybe change a few words or so and then submit it to the other publications.


Or if you write your article from a different angle or perspective, it may turn out to be just the ticket for another market. And as a result get picked up just like that!


Graphic source: Commons.Wikimedia


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The Many “Faces” of Facebook

Author: Karen McGreevey

facebook-f-small2As an Internet user to whatever degree or a TV news watcher or even a newspaper reader, you’re most likely aware of Facebook.


It’s a social media giant and one of the most popular networking sites around. For this reason alone, you also know it can be a wonderful way to market your business.


Except in the last several months, you’re also likely aware that FB has gotten a bit funky (territorial so to speak) and has changed the way they want their users to interact with friends, prospects, business associates, etc.


Having said that, you also know the most basic ways to get your social network marketing done; 80/20 is a good rule – 80% “help” mode, 20% “talk about your business and you” to get people involved enough to engage and interact with you.


A couple of the more common methods, for instance, are to seek out “Likes” or “Comments” on what you’ve said or what you’ve posted (i.e., photos or graphics, too).


One or two other means to get people talking are:


1. Name Your Favorite


Open-ended questions are one of the easiest ways to drive interaction on Facebook. Asking people what their favorite movie, band or website could generate a lot of “talk” depending on how many people are willing to answer.


2. Looking for Advice


Reaching out for help is another great way to get people to participate on your Facebook page. Such as asking people what the best way is to complete a task, such as cooking a food item, building something, training a pet or any other situation that would require input from other people is a terrific way to drive traffic your way. Read the rest of this entry »

How’s your traffic?

Author: Karen McGreevey

traffic-smThe other day, I began a blog post about how lots of traffic doesn’t necessarily equal paying customers” – that discussion continues here…


Links and banner exchanges


While trading links and participating in banner exchanges may sound good in theory, if targeted traffic isn’t coming by, nothing’s going to happen to your sales. Remember, traffic doesn’t equal customers.


For instance, if you have a site related to kitties, it makes no sense to trade links with a site related to baseball cards.


Who’s your target?


Always keep your target market in mind. Who is your audience? Why should they visit your site? Having fresh, relevant, timely, and informative content will attract quality traffic.


Once people come to know your site and you as a source of quality information, they’ll be back when they need to learn something new. Thus, the more quality traffic that comes in, the more customers you will have.


And by staying away from bogus websites that offer promises of high numbers of traffic and by sticking to proven methods of generating quality traffic, you will not only increase your site’s traffic, you will also increase your conversion rates.


Bret Ridgway has a different take on issues with getting traffic in that he discusses the biggest website mistakes; see for yourself 50 Biggest Website Mistakes


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traffic-smWhen it comes to website traffic, the old saying “the more the merrier” doesn’t exactly hold true. Simply having lots of traffic will not increase the number of your sales.


Your goal in creating traffic is to attract which will in turn, bring you more paying customers. While you can have a lot of traffic coming to your website, if they are not interested in your product or service it won’t do you any good to have them stopping by.


Increase traffic with gimmicks – NOT


If you do a search on the Internet on how to increase traffic to your site, you will find various websites with numerous solutions; some sell software or monthly membership packages that promise to bring traffic to your site. Don’t be fooled by these costly gimmicks. Especially since there are many ways you can increase traffic to your site for free.


What these companies don’t tell you is that one of the ways they drive traffic to your site is by paying people to “surf” the Internet. In this setup, their “staff” log into a website and enter a password so their computer will automatically “scoot around the Net”, displaying different websites.


However, the person that logged in isn’t necessarily paying attention to the screen – and, worse, isn’t even looking at it. In short, the company you paid may be driving “traffic” to your site in terms of visitors, but that’s not a guarantee you’ll get more customers. Read the rest of this entry »


stop_sign112708If you’re a regular reader of my ezine, On the Bright Side, you know that every so often I’ll mention my Konceptuality website or my Creative Ways to Market You (this) blog have been hacked.


And unbeknownst to me until Monday, it happened again! Perhaps it was unbeknownst because I’ve been spending too much time in the kitchen trying to perfect cheesecake for the family!


Actually, I suppose I ought to have suspected something was going on as a couple of weeks ago I was unable to access my webmail email account. In addition, I’d recently begun to again receive email about Viagra, sex stuff, Cialis and other products from foreign countries. Not to mention the “Contact” form on my site being the bearer of strange foreign contacts.


Obviously I didn’t pay as much attention to all that like I should have.


Coincidentally, Monday, I was reading an article on how to tell if your site has been hacked. The article provided a link to a site to test your site.


When I put in, I discovered that six pages at Konceptuality showed up as having been hacked. I then looked to see if I could see any HTML code that did not belong.


Sure enough, I did – in the HTML code at the bottom of each page. Read the rest of this entry »

Want More Traffic?

Author: Karen McGreevey

traffic-smAs you know, getting traffic to your website is something that takes dedication and a “whole lotta” time. And you’re going to have to do a lot of the “get more traffic” tricks to stay competitive. In sort, you’ll need to provide more value than ever before to your audience.


Publish More Relevant Content


Blog daily, if possible, and work on providing content in other ways, too. For instance, you can utilize relevant article directories, write guest blog posts, eBooks, and more. The more relevant and unique content you can come up with for your audience, the better.


Studies show over a 90 percent increase in traffic for websites that have blogs with new content at least 20 days out of the month. Another hint – when it comes to content, focus on long-tail keywords. You can use a tool like to help you.


Social Media Needs You Regularly


It’s important to participate in social media by engaging your audience more. Speak directly to them via social media networks, and leave the sales pitch for your sales pages on your website. If you’ve noticed your “likes” going down, and the engagement going down on your social media networks, it’s your doing – or lack of. So get involved and you’ll see it improve. Read the rest of this entry »

The 411 On Pinterest

Author: Karen McGreevey

120px-Pinterest_Sticker_IconHave you ever wondered about the demographics on Pinterest? How about this; almost 70 percent of Pinterest users are women between the ages of 25 and 34, and about half of them have children.


Additionally, Pinterest users spend about 15 minutes on the site every single day. While there, they share a variety of “pins” and create pin boards or collections to interact with others. The pins that get the most shares are visually pleasing and are often shopping related.


While women and men use Pinterest for the same reasons – to get ideas, to make wish lists or “vision boards”, and to keep track of resources they might want to look at later – women tend to “wish more” than men, who actually tend to “buy more” because of a pin. In other words, men generally pin things they will buy, while women pin things they want to buy or wish they could buy.


Why Pinterest?


Let me count the ways…


* Conversions – Compared to other social networks, Pinterest converts better. There’s something about actually seeing a product or solution that makes people want to try/buy it. So if you can figure a way to convert some of your content to visual content, like in the form of infographics, you’ll get more conversions. Read the rest of this entry »

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