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The 6th Annual Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) is just 2 months away!


The Convention runs a continuous 16 hours, daily, and because it’s all ONLINE, you can access everything directly from your home computer!


Don’t miss out – the following AMAZING Special is only available from March 31st until April 2nd!


Special Convention Pricing


$159.00 – Full Convention – March 30th – April 2nd ONLY


After April 2nd, registration is:


$89.00 – 3 Seminar Package
$159.00 – 5 Seminar Package
$399.00 – Full Convention (with optional 2 installment payment plan, if registered by April 15)
$499.00 – Full Convention (After April 15)


Sign up now! Take advantage of the special offer NOW and plan to “Move Your Business from 1st Gear to Hyper-drive” on May 19-21, 2011.


Jewels of Life: Believe, Internet Marketing, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA



OIVAC Schedule

Author: Karen McGreevey

The Schedule of Events for the OIVAC Convention, May 19 to May 21, has now been posted at the Convention site.


The topics, and the individual presenters for each topic, including times of each session, are also posted.


Do drop by to see the lineup, and then to get first dibs” on a front row seat!


Jewels of Life: Internet Marketing, OIVAC, Working with a VA


What do Annemarie Cross, Dawn Jensen, Adolph Haestner, Felicia Slattery, and Nancy Matthews, to name a few, have in common? They’re all “in the ‘Speakers’ lineup” for the 6th Annual OIVAC Convention, May 19-21.


During the next 30 days, Ms. Lyn Prowse-Bishop of Executive Stress Office Support, will interview 20 speakers scheduled to appear at the upcoming Online International Virtual Assistants Convention 2011.


This week’s interviewees and topics, located at the OIVAC YouTube Channel, include:


*Kathie Thomas The Importance of Networking
*Annemarie Cross Five Powerful Steps to Follow When the Product You are Promoting is You!
*Ivana TaylorHow to Get Your Ideal customer to Choose You
*Dawn JensenSocial Media Toolkit: Managing Your Clients and Your Business
*Christine Giri Unleash the Power of Focus
*Cindy Greenway The Essential Secret Ingredient Clients Want from Their Virtual Assistants


Go check them out!


And if your name’s not on a seat now or later, you won’t know what you’re missing…and it will be a lot!


Whether you’re a Virtual Assistant or not…doesn’t matter! You can still have fun.


Jewels of Life: OIVAC, Working with a VA



IVA Week

Author: Karen McGreevey

In case you haven’t seen any of the Tweets or the Facebook messages, or even LinkedIn comments, for that matter, I wanted to clue you in about the new event for Virtual Assistants, International Virtual Assistants Week, which will be held next year, the week of May 16-21, 2011.


The festivities will culminate with the last three days, May 19-21, at the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention. OIVAC.


If you haven’t already done so, click on over to IVA Week to get all the details.


Jewels of Life: Dreams, OIVAC, Resources, Working with a VA

OIVAC Seeking Speakers for May 2011

Author: Karen McGreevey

As I’ve mentioned several times over the last few months, the Online International Virtual Assistant Convention (OIVAC) will be held in May, 2011.


We are accepting applications now from those who would like to be a presenter at next year’s event. If that is you, just complete this Speaker Application form, and return it by midnight tonight, November 29, 2010.


Presenter slots fill fast, so speed in completing and returning the application form is essential!


You do not have to be a Virtual Assistant in order to be selected as a presenter.


Jewels of Life: OIVAC, Working with a Virtual Assistant



The 2011 OIVAC

Author: Karen McGreevey

Now, while it may be a bit early (I mean really early, come to think of it), the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) Committee (I’m a Committee member), is in the planning process for next year’s Convention–tentatively scheduled for May 19-21, 2011.


If you attended this year’s Convention at all (or managed to read any of the Tweets or other marketing missives about it), you know it was one of the best virtual Conventions on the ‘Net this year.


And next year’s promises to be even better!


So keep looking in this spot over the coming months, as I’ll be sharing whatever I can about the upcoming event–speakers, topics, awards and prizes, etc.


Oh, and mark those dates now!


Jewels of Life: Believe, Dream, Internet Marketing, OIVAC, Working with a VA



Blog Hopping Tour Delay and Update

Author: Karen McGreevey

If you’ve been stopping by hoping to read about the Blog Hopping Tour put on by the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention, I have news!


As you may have guessed, the Blog Hopping Tour, quite unexpectedly, was “derailed” there for a bit. Which means, our date was pushed back a bit.


The good news is I am pleased to announce that “our stop” has now been rescheduled to Wednesday, May 12.


So, we hope to see you back here then!


In the meantime, you can get back on the “Blog Hopping Tour” train by checking out Tuesday, May 5th’s, tour stop at the VA Directory.


Jewels of Life: Hope, OIVAC, Working with a VA



Blog Hopping Tour Stop Delay

Author: Karen McGreevey

If you’ve been following the OIVAC Blog Hopping Tour, you know the Tour was to have stopped here yesterday, Friday, April 30.


However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the “event” didn’t happen here–as you may have already noticed! Please accept our apologies for the “technical difficulties,” and I hope to have the questions and answers published quite soon.


Although, unfortunately, at this time I regret to say I do not know when “soon” will be.


In the meantime, though, you can catch up on some of the other Tour stops by starting here.


And, you can see the line-up of OIVAC guest speakers and their topics, starting here.


Jewels of Life: Believe, OIVAC, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA



Sometime tomorrow we’re the stop for the OIVAC Blog Hopping Tour.


So feel free to stop in to see what our guest blogger, Sharon, of The 24Hour Secretary, and the Steering Committee Chair of the OIVAC has to say in response to our questions about this year’s Convention.


Jewels of Life: Dream, Hope, OIVAC, Working with a VA




This year’s Blog Hopping Tour sponsored by the Online Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) kicked off April 15, with a stop at Tawnya Sutherland’s Virtual Business Startups.


Sharon Williams of OIVAC and The 24Hour Secretary, is really making the rounds for the tour this year, answering questions about the VA industry and the Convention.


Today, you’ll find her answers about the OIVAC Convention and the VA Industry at Andrea Cannavina’s “LegalTypist.”


Sharon will stop here on April 30 to answer some questions I’ve put together. I look forward to having you stop back then…if not before!


Jewels of Life: Dream, OIVAC, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA.



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