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Tips for Building Blog Traffic, Part 2

Author: Karen McGreevey

A couple of days ago, I mentioned several ways to get traffic to your blog. Here are a few more tips you might consider for traffic:


You want toupdate your content regularly.


This is because search engines and blog services love to whoosh up regular updates. Thus, if you post to your blog regularly, it’s quite likely you will get targeted traffic via the search engines.


Further, this also means that ideally you ought to write a new post to your blog at least once per day! But, do so with care. Too many updates per day can easily harm your position in the search engines.


How much is too much, you say? If you have 10 or more posts in one 24-hour period, that’s considered too many.


Give some strong thought to posting in forums


But as with many things on the web, do so with caution; don’t spam them. And make sure that what you post is fresh and interesting. Also, add a link to your blog or your Web site in your signature.


Now, don’t post at just any forum.


For example, if you’re selling cds, post in forums about music and cds. Don’t post at car forums if you’re selling furniture.


When you post in forums you get one-way links, which are good for your position in the search engines like Google or msn or Yahoo.


You can submit your blog to blob search engines


There are many, many search engines that list only blogs. If you Google for “blog search engines,“ you ought to easily find at least 20 search engines that will help you get targeted traffic.


When you submit to the search engines, be sure to give your blog a good title and an even better description of your blog, so your potential customers can find it easily, and click on your link.


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Finding Free Content on the Web

Author: Karen McGreevey

If you’re thinking about building a new Web site, ideally, your plan ought to ensure it is composed of original content.


However, you may run into trouble doing that because that method is very time-consuming. And in some cases, it may even be outside of your knowledge and expertise.


It can also be quite expensive to create your own content!


This is why sites like article banks are especially useful because they help to build the content level.


Additionally, you should take care to ensure that whatever materials you use actually pertain to your site, especially since the top search engines such as Google rank their pages on a relevant link system.


In addition to the actual number of links!


While it is quite good to have a thousand links, if six hundred of those links revolve around movies when your Web site pertains to motor sports, your ranking will still be at the low end of the ranking scale.


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Tips on Choosing An Autoresponder

Author: Karen McGreevey

As you know, one of the goals of any online business is to continue to grow.


One of the ways you can do this is by developing a loyal customer base.


After all, increasing contacts can equal more sales.


This will be one goal to keep in mind as you look for a reliable autoresponder company with features that suit your business.


For instance, an autoresponder may offer excellent service, but you don’t want to find out down the road that they have a cap on how many email addresses you can have.


Or some other thing you didn’t think to ask before you signed up.


You also don’t want to have to pay more if you find you want to contact more people than what their service allows.


Changing from one autoresponder service to another can be difficult. It will take time, and you will be learning a completely new set-up.


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A Tip for Internet Marketing

Author: Karen McGreevey

If you’re on the web trying to get an Internet business up and running, you’re most likely looking for a powerful way to jump start how you’re going to run your Internet Marketing campaign.


And if that’s the case, then Article Marketing is for you!


It’s a powerful tool to get you results and help you get all the traffic, income, opt-in sign ups and other crucial activity you need for your Web site so your business can grow and thrive!


In fact, no matter where you are in your online business, your Web site can benefit from Internet Marketing. And with that, one of the best ways to get an Internet Marketing campaign going in a positive way that will drive customers and get results is by creating a cost effective Article Marketing campaign.


By using Article Marketing with Internet Marketing, you’ll build authority, create one way links and drive traffic to your Web site from numerous sources all over the Internet.


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This year’s Online International Virtual Assistants Convention OIVAC, is scheduled for May 20 – May 22, 2010.


Topics and speakers are being gathered now!


Check back here often to see who’s on the schedule and what the topics will be.


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In the last day or so, you’ve probably seen this rare opportunity in your email Inbox. It’s a chance from Jimmy D. Brown to get a “real” PAID report at zero charge to you. (This isn’t one of those deals where someone is giving something away that never was to be sold in the first place, but they pretend it was.)


Jimmy D. Brown is about to shut down his Small Reports Zone site permanently. He’s “retiring” ALL of his current products and services, beginning with this site.


As he was making preparations to shut the site down, he realized that there were several small reports that Nicole and he had planned to add to the site but never got around to doing so.


In fact, Nicole had a download page and the files prepped for one great report entitled, “The Ultimate Free Traffic Model”. It was originally part of one of Jimmy’s larger products and they had extracted it to sell on the site for $15 along with the other reports.


While he easily COULD have sold hundreds (really thousands) of copies of the report this week as part of his retirement, he decided to give away complimentary copies of this paid report.


No charge. No lists to join. For real, no charge.


Here is the original download page that Nicole setup…


Info Profit Share


Download your copy today.


When he shuts down the site at 10 P.M. Central tonight, this freebie will be gone too. No reason why you shouldn’t at least get a copy of it before it’s gone.




Today, Friday, February 26, is THE last day to purchase any of his small reports from Info Profit Share. Tonight at 10PM Central time, Jimmy will be shutting the site down and no longer accepting any new orders.


These are all on sale for only $10 each!


At Info Profit Share


NOTE: My recommendation is that you at LEAST get a copy of his 65-page “operations manual”, Homepreneur Habits.


If you spend only $10 all year, this is the best value you’ll find anywhere. Period.


The rest of them are pretty darn good too. 🙂


Info Profit Share


Grab the complimentary copy of the unreleased paid report. And order copies of anything else you want. They’ll all be gone tonight.


Best regards and happy getting the free,


Karen McGreevey


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A week ago on Saturday, February 13 with Tip #1, Contributions of Others, this little “Easy Peasy” journey began with a series of five tips to help you to easily create Information Products.


If you’re new here, you can catch up by reading Tip 2 and Tip 3 as well as an Tip 4: Audio Interview of You


When you’re ready, Tip 5. Teleclass Recording begins now:


This audio option differs from the interview format in that it’s “instructional” in flavor and may include questions by your participants along with your answers.


You can charge for this kind of session in two ways:


First, those who participate in the call might pay to do so, and second, those who were not present on the call can purchase the CD or MP3 recording.


Although some teleclasses eventually become products as a multi-session series, in the beginning stages, it’s best to start with just a single one-hour class.


And when you’ve chosen your content carefully, provided useful information and described the product temptingly for your target market, these quick-to-produce information formats sell well.


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On Saturday, February 13 with Tip #1, Contributions of Others, I began a series of five tips to help you to easily create Information Products.


You can get caught up by reading Tip 2 and Tip 3 before you begin now, withTip 4:


4. Audio Interview of You.


For Tip #4, just flip option #3upside down, and you have another quick-start Information Product: Someone interviews you for an hour. The interviewer could be a friend or someone with a great voice and smooth interviewing skills whom you hire to do the interview.


Record the question and answer session, and in little more than one hour, you have a product to sell.


Now, to prepare for the interview, you’ll write an introduction and conclusion the interviewer can use, and a list of questions.


Keep the illusion of spontaneity by not writing your answers to the questions in full. Instead, make notes on the points you want to make during the session and keep them in front of you as you and the interviewer go through the agenda, question by question.


To the listener, interviews arranged in this way sound exactly like those in #3.


The 5th and final Tip in this series will be available here on Sunday, February 21.


I look forward to having you come back then.


And, of course, if you’ve missed any of the previous tips, you can read the posts throughout this blog.


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I began this mini-tutorial for “Creating Easy Peasy Information Products” with Tip #1 on Friday.


You’ll find Tip #2. Q&A report. here.


So now, we continue with Tip #3…


3. Audio interview of an expert.


With this option, and the next two, you create an audio product in just one hour, plus a little preparation time.


Just persuade someone to be interviewed for an hour, and record the session. Your “guest/interviewee” would be someone whose opinions, experiences and knowledge would be in demand, someone that people would want to hear what they have to say.


Then, voilà, you have a product!


You’ll find many experts will agree to do this for fr/ee; the usual “trade” would be you’d provide them with a copy of the recording and permission to sell it or use it as a bonus product for something else.


It’s quite easy to record such an interview on a conference-call line using a service like Free Conference Call You’d then sell your interview either as a downloadable MP3, or as a CD that you send to the buyer by mail.


Some information marketers also provide customers with the option to purchase a transcript, in addition to or instead of the audio recording.


Tip #4, Audio Interview of You, will be ready Friday, and we’ll look forward to seeing you back here then.


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If you’re just getting here, you’ve missed Tip #1 in our “five-part series” of “Easy Peasy Tips” for Making Informational Products.


It’s not too late to catch up, using the Tip #1 link above. You can just jump in now and then later read any Tips you’ve missed along the way.


So, now, here is Tip 2.


2. Create a Q&A Report.


For starters, you could find others to ask one question of you. Instead, though, why not do a little “voo doo” and create a product by asking yourself questions and then answering them.


This works especially well when you simply collect commonly asked questions.


This also enables you to focus on the hardest ones, the most unusual ones or the funniest questions.


In fact, if you find the idea of writing a formal article or a book intimidating, this may be the ticket for you!


When it comes to anything you know more about than the average person, you’re probably already in the habit of answering questions on a daily or weekly basis anyway.


You would sell this one, too, as a downloadable PDF report.


I’ll have Tip #3 ready for you on Wednesday! See you then!


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