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One and You’re Done

Author: Karen McGreevey

all-donePerhaps you recall that when it comes to writing a guest post for a blog owner one of the guest post blog rules requires you to use original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere.


(This can also be true for submitting articles to some article directories, as well as to satisfy Google!)


But did you know that coming up with an original blog post can be done relatively easily by rewriting several of your articles and then turning them into one new guest post?


Simply, take the main points from several articles and combine them. Maybe change out your images; perhaps add a new one even, and include a link back to your main blog.


And your guest post is then done! You will have created a new original article or blog post without having to do a ton of new research.


You can even repeat this process as many times as you want so you can publish lots of guest posts on websites specific to your niche or market.


In addition, this recycle method helps you to quickly and easily get additional online exposure, back links and traffic to your own site.


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P.S. For some additional tips on how to get new content, take a look at David Guion’s book, Write Good Online Content and Rewrite It (Without Making It Dizzy): Tips to improve your writing skills, adapt them to writing for the web, and reuse content for additional online publishing


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same-old-same-old-smIs this you? …


You feel like you’re regularly writing over and over on similar topics? If so, you may want to instead create a series of templates to use as you write.


You could come up with a template that would fill in the blanks for you that in the ends provides a basic outline for your new article. For instance, your template might “contain all the information you need for your Author Resource box” or the links that you always include in your Resource box.


You could even format your template with the same font style and size, as well as the page size. These preliminary steps can be extremely useful, especially if you often save a Word document into a PDF file that you upload to document sharing sites.


Further, article and report templates are perfect to help you brand your business. For example, if you write tutorials on a number of different topics where each one is delivered in the same format. This helps your reader to identify the source of the work and it helps to solidify you/your business as an authority on your niche/topic.


For a few more tips, take a look at Anthony Carter’s, Online Content Writing.


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So tell us what you really think

Author: Karen McGreevey

Talk_page_icon_crystalTo “talk” or “not to talk”, that can be the question you consider when you’re writing your articles and blog posts.


What about if you should you be concerned about telling it like it is (according to you) when you write? In short, you bet; though you may hesitate about becoming too controversial on certain topics.


But there is really nothing wrong with saying what you think and voicing your thoughts and opinions on any subject.


Of course when you do so, you may easily be creating content that takes on a life of it’s own, a bit of contrary flavor. Even so, many people enjoy this type of content, especially on social sites.


Further, you’ll find they love to add their “two cents” before sharing with their friends. Which means your content could easily go all over the place and receive thousands of views, as a result.


In addition, when you step up and get your opinions out in the open you are opening the dialog to allowing your readers to chime in and add their own thoughts and comments.


This type of interaction can be a really cool thing; it can even help you get hundreds of additional readers to your blog and other writings. In fact, many standout blog conversations began and were conducted in the Comments section.


Want more tips on blogging and getting social, take a look at Jennifer Abernethy’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing


Graphic source: Commons.Wikimedia


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I said all that to say this …

Author: Karen McGreevey

summaryOkay, like you usually do, you’ve spent a good amount of time crafting your article or blog post. So now you’re ready to post it to your blog or to an article directory.


However, before you do that you might go over it to be sure you have included an easy-to-understand summary that explains what your blog post/article is about.


In short, at the end of your blog post you will repeat in short form what you just said. In one good “short and sweet”, 150 words or less paragraph! You can even use your summary to describe your article, if you like.


Once you begin to perfect your summaries, you’ll discover that your copywriting skills have gotten better. In addition, when it comes time to write a sales page it will be easier to craft shorter sentences that reflect your benefits and key points.


Further, if you tighten up your summary even more, say into 150 characters, that summary can be the sentence that gets displayed by the search engines when your website cycles on the results page.


For more solutions for writing blog posts take a look at Michael Greenwood’s ebook, “How to Write Quality Blog Posts: A Guide to Successful Blogging”.


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If your masterpiece is rejected …

Author: Karen McGreevey

rejected-smYou’ve written a really neat masterpiece of an article that you submitted to your favorite publication or online article directory. After a modest amount of waiting, you receive a notice that your work has been rejected.


Your first inclination might be to mope around and “woe is me” a bit, thinking how all that hard work is for nothing. That you have failed! That your article is worthless and unsuitable for every other publication out there now or in the future!


If that is your mantra, you need a re-program in your mindset. A “rejection” is not a Scarlet Letter on your forehead!


First of all, if your article is rejected, DO NOT stomp on it or throw it away or otherwise destroy it. Just because your work was rejected by one publication, it does not mean it can’t be exactly what another publication is looking for.


One man’s junk is another man’s treasure


Google for other publications on your topic. Then look at it again; maybe change a few words or so and then submit it to the other publications.


Or if you write your article from a different angle or perspective, it may turn out to be just the ticket for another market. And as a result get picked up just like that!


Graphic source: Commons.Wikimedia


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How the mind wanders

Author: Karen McGreevey

copywritingWhen your readers are engaged, they’re more likely to follow through on your call to action. This means more conversions, more sales, and a stronger business.


And so there are many tricks and tactics you can use to help your readers get and stay interested in the content you write. One such tactic is to make use of …


Font, Font Size and Color


For instance, some content creators enjoy writing content that helps their readers focus their attention on the words that matter most. You might choose to underline or place a particular word in bold lettering to show your reader that that specific word is important.


It helps your readers to center their attention when the word resonates with them. You can do this, too, by changing the size or color of the font or by changing the font itself. The concept is the same; to focus your reader’s attention on a word or phrase that re-engages them in your content.


And the more engaged and focused your reader is, the better the chance for you to secure a sale of your product or to obtain a customer for your services.


Want some other useful tips for your blogging? Take a look at Zac Johnson’s, Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger


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outside-laneEzines and newsletters are effective marketing tools. However, they’re only as useful as the information they contain. In order to achieve the results you want with your email list, the ezine needs to provide value.


If you’ve been writing your ezine for a while, it’s easy to feel as if you’ve run out of ideas. You can lose your inspiration. However, hope is not lost! Check out these four ways to find topics for your ezine.


1. Take a cruse around the web


Chances are you’re already visiting and reading your competitors’ blogs. Do you read their comments too? These are a super source of information. It’s further insight into your prospect’s mindset and it is fuel for ezine content.


2. Get outside of your lane


Look for new industry blogs, publications, and even websites to read. When you step outside of your regular reading routine you open yourself up to exploring new thoughts, perspectives, and ideas. Look for niches that complement your own. Read the rest of this entry »

Web Site Text Says It All

Author: Karen McGreevey

GlitterTextGenerator_rrBelieve it or not, your web site text can make or break your reader’s experience at your website, which in turn can increase or decrease your readership and sales potential. Simply, the size, font, style and color of your text can easily affect your reader’s buying decision. Here are five points to consider when setting up your web site.


1. The Better to See You With – You want to make it easy for your visitors to read what you’ve written. So you don’t want to use a light-colored text like yellow on a white background and you don’t want a dark blue text on a black background.


2. Let’s Hear a “Yoo Hoo” – Grab your reader’s attention with headlines. You can make the headline stand out more by using a headline that a different color from your ad copy. This offsets the headline and pulls your reader into the rest of your ad copy.


3. Highlight Keywords – Emphasize phrases and keywords that are important to your readers. For instance, words like super, deluxe, fast, low price, free, new, etc. In addition, bold, underline, use italics, and change colors, etc.


4. Goldilocks Your Text – You don’t want to use text that is too small or too large. You want to use larger text for your headlines and subheadings. You want to use smaller text for your ad copy. If your grandparents can’t read it, it’s too small.


5. Check The Readability – It’s important to check your spelling and grammar before you upload your web page. When writing ad copy you’re allowed to break some of those grammar rules to get your point across.


And if you make it a habit of using at least one of these tips when you write your blog posts or your web copy, you’ll be making it easier for your readers, your visitors and your customers to learn about and have access to your products and services and you!


Check out some more tips from Lisa Price in her book, Hot Text: Web Writing that Works


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Tell her about it

Author: Karen McGreevey

320px-Mallard_Conversation_smAs you know, there are times when it’s not easy to come up with ideas for blog posts or articles and the like, because some time you just don’t quite know where to start or what to say. Perhaps your confidence got up and went that particular day.


There are times and days when it’s just easier to use a reprint article, although it’s really better to put the reprint on your website that you then link from to your blog post. A post, maybe, where you’ve taken one thought from the article and put it into your words with your personality.


Whatever route you do go with your blog post, though, you definitely want to make sure the post sounds like you. In fact, though you use help from reprints, be sure that 99.9% of the time your blog content is content of your own doing.


Now, if you’re coming up short on ideas and the day has just about passed you by, check out the news from your newspaper or local TV news. What’s happening in the world around you that you can use to tell a useful tale for your readers?


Here, too, you can then link to the original story once you have “your take” up on your blog site.


For another take, check out these Quick and Easy Content Writing Tips: 99 Highly-Effective Writing Tips by Douglas Roberts.


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Photo source: Wikimedia



Get back on the bike

Author: Karen McGreevey

get-on-bikeOkay, so you struggle to come up with ideas for your blog posts. After all, you reason, who in the world would want to read something you’ve written?


For some reason, though, it seems you’ve lost a bit of confidence in your ability to develop a specific thought into an article or blog post.


After all, isn’t that sometimes why you get writer’s block? Or why you don’t even want to think about writing a blog post. Who would want to read something you’ve written?


Get back on the bike


If you are you having trouble getting into the proper mindset upon sitting down to tackle your writing projects or when practicing crafting blog posts, articles, and even email missives, just do it; get back on the bike.


Practice will help you to get over the writer’s block hump and even channel your fear of writing onto a course where, like “Mikey”, you really, really like it!


Practice will also help increase your confidence so you’ll become more comfortable with the whole writing process.


Here’s a quick little read, Write Blog Posts Readers Love: A Step-By-Step Guide by Henri Junttila that might help you unstuck your writer’s block.


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