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Once is not enough

Author: Karen McGreevey

error-smWhen I first began this online journey some 8-9 years ago, some of the theory I learned/read was that it was important to get in front of your audience a minimum of once a month! (I believe that basic still holds true, for argument’s sake.)


However, once a month certainly “ain’t gonna” get you anywhere. Particularly with the social media revolution and the instantness in this day and age. Some send communication weekly, and others send two or three times a day even.


Of course with the social media avenue content output via email isn’t necessarily the standard go-to for content these days.


Whichever method you choose, though, you’ll want to stick with it consistently day and time-wise. And content type-wise as well (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram even) to see an increase in traffic, etc.


Stop back to catch our last tip in a couple of days.


Graphic source: Pixabay


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Avoiding Content Marketing Boo Boos

Author: Karen McGreevey

error-smPerhaps you’ve noticed that once you made up your mind to get into creating and writing content to market your business, your services, your products, you came across numerous tips on how to write and produce that content as well as ways to avoid making mistakes others made in their efforts to get where they wanted to be.


While a list of marketing boo boos can be quite long, I’ve taken three to flesh out and to share with you. Take a look …


1. What do they know! Why do they want to know? What’s in it for them?


Questions you might ask as you completely ignore what your customer has asked.


I don’t know about you, but I frequently receive emails from lists that I’m on wherein the main or sub-main question(s) is “How can I help you?” “What do you need help with?”


Perhaps you hang out at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even blogs in your niche or forums that interest you. Often the people behind those handles are asking questions that you can answer and as a result help them with their concerns. So do it!


It’s not necessary to agonize trying to figure out what they want; just ask them. Or pay attention to what they’re saying. And then answer them.


Two more tips will be published over the next few days, so stop back to see them.


Graphic source: Pixabay


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social-media-iconsIt’s easy to get confused when you’re starting out on social media. Even the “seasoned” group can learn a thing or two about the various social media platforms. So here are a few clues to work your social media no matter what your level.


1. Facebook isn’t the only game in town


While Facebook has by far become the “go to” platform for many when it comes to working social media, it’s not the only game in town. You can use other networks to promote your blog, your website, your services, your you. Especially if you’re looking at SEO purposes, you’ll want to engage in places like Google+.


2. A full plate is not always a good thing


Even though I mentioned in Tip 1 that it’s important to use other social media platforms to work social media, the opposite of that is to really temper your exposure on too many platforms at a time.


Not because it’s not a good idea to get acquainted at numerous sites, but because you run the risk of not achieving the results you’d like. You’re also spreading yourself too thin so you won’t have the time to devote to marketing as you’d like. So just pick a couple of networks to start. Read the rest of this entry »

The Email Tale

Author: Karen McGreevey

email-dfygiveawayNot so long ago I posted a couple of tips on how one might tackle an Email Inbox.


Since there’s more than one way to manage said Inbox, I can’t stop with that one post. So here now are two more tips.


What’s In a Name?


These days it’s not hard to send personalized emails. In fact, email marketing services like Aweber or MailChimp offer the ability to personalize all of your email marketing campaigns.


You simply need to make sure to ask for the right information from your subscribers to be able to personalize your messages.


Make It Worth Their While


It’s pretty safe to say that over your online career you’ve received more than your share of email marketing messages that you thought were worthless. What did you do? Delete. Delete. Delete. Right? Of course.


So as you go about your Email marketing, you’ll want to make it your priority to avoid your recipient’s delete button by providing valuable content to your readers. Solve a problem, offer a solution, save them money.


In short, whatever you can do to see that they get value in each and every email message will increase response rates.


So stop by again to catch another tip or two for your email marketing campaigns. In the meantime, check out Chris Baggott’s ebook, Email Marketing by the Numbers… to for some additional light on email marketing.


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Waiting on Perfect

Author: Karen McGreevey

done-better-perfect-smYou know the hang up, perhaps you’ve even been stuck by it; you’re trying to write content and most of the time you’re coming up with some pretty good ideas. In fact, you get on a roll.


But, your roll stalls out before you’re ready to call your article or blog post or other content like your web copy done. So you set what you’re working on aside and write on something else.


And then you get stuck there, too.


In fact, you could even start yet another writing project and still can’t find your end.


What do you suppose is going on here? Perhaps you’re apprehensive about putting a done on your writing because you’re waiting on perfect.


What happens, though, is that you fail to get anywhere. If you don’t finish your article or blog post (or if you don’t even start it), you’re just waiting for something that might never come. Read the rest of this entry »

A little snip here, a little snip there

Author: Karen McGreevey

128px-Fiskars-scissorsBy letting your content sit a bit before you “send it to the publisher” or “hit the send/upload” button, you’ll be able to reread it later with “fresh” eyes. And then if you’re not totally happy with it you can cut out, paste in new, and do rewrites as needed.


Keep in mind also that whatever you put online becomes a part of you. For instance, if you are trying to brand yourself and your business, it’s vital that you publish informative and thought-provoking content.


Further, since you want to feel proud of any piece of content you come up with, before you post it ask yourself if this specific something is content you would want to read! If you don’t think so, then do a snip or two or another rewrite.


Also, watch for certain words that you’re inclined to repeat often; consider alternate words that can help put a bit of life or different perspective into your work.


Jamie Bell’s got a neat little read, Content Strategy for Bloggers, with even more tips for writing your blog.


Photo source:


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Standing Out In Your Inbox

Author: Karen McGreevey

email-smallThe oft-touted Content is King mantra doesn’t change just because you change your content delivery mode from a blog to email.


In fact, it’s even more important to ensure the content you send is relevant and focused.


Further, since email is considered a lot more personal than a blog post, the content you deliver to your list needs to take that into consideration. And you can bet that providing relevant content to your email list will never go out of style.


That said, here are some tips to help you to make it so.


Grab Their Attention

How do you make an email marketing message interesting? You’ve got to know exactly who the message is going to, and then you write with them in mind. In addition, show your “funny side; a bit of levity”, let your audience know who you are, and more importantly that you know who they are. Because once you know who they are, you know what they need to solve their problems.


You’re At the End, Now What?
Your call to action is a very important part of your email marketing message. So send an email marketing message that connects you with the recipient. You can do that by creating a call to action that encourages interaction. And don’t ever send a single email without including some form of call to action. It could be as simple as “like” my Facebook page, “share” this, or “buy” that. No matter what, your email needs a reason for being and that reason is your CTA.


By remembering that relevant content is King, you’ll improve all the content in your email marketing campaigns exponentially. An email message should be even more focused, and more relevant than anything else you produce so you can attract the results you want from your email marketing.


Stop by again to catch a couple of other tips for your email marketing campaigns. In the meantime, here’s an ebook by Chris Baggott Email Marketing by the Numbers… to help shed some additional light on email marketing.


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blogging-tip-smIf the beginning of this post looks familiar, it’s because it is somewhat. To wit; the other day and then again on Saturday, I started and then added to a post on some new and useful tips on how and what to include new on your blog. Because I had so many thoughts on this to share, I’ve broken my initial long article into several posts that I’m spreading over time to spare you a sit down that could take you some time to read and to think on.


So see what you think about these additional three ideas when you want to add new content to your blog.


1. Gather the people’s posts


Yep, you can collect blog posts from other people who write about your niche, or you can do a round-up of blogs that were on your site during the week, such as “most viewed” or important bits of information that you don’t want your readers/followers to miss. All you need to do is to put up a short blurb and a link to the blog posts that you did not write to give the original writer/poster credit for her work.


2. Tell your readers about a book you read; an item you purchased


If you get paid or get a free product in return for doing a review, you must disclose it. But if you can, make it a practice to purchase the products and use affiliate links to earn some money for products you review and recommend.


By the way, reviewing books within your niche on Amazon is also a great way to get traffic to your blog.


3. See something on the Internet you want to comment on?


You can give a short synopsis of the blog post, and then link to the actual blog post or article, and then comment on it on your blog. But be forewarned, if your comments are along the negative-side or otherwise critical (unless that is your niche), people can get quite upset. And they make no bones about it.


When you’re in “the throes” of your blogging, here’s a resource by Mike Fishbein, The Ultimate Guide to Blogging: What To Write About, How to Promote Your Blog, & How to Make Money Blogging, with yet another perspective on blogging.


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blogging-tip-smThe other day I started a rather long post that “got away from me a bit” in length. But since it had some new and useful tips for adding new content to your blog, I’ve decided to break it into several posts over as many days to spare you a sit down that may take you some time to read and to digest.


With that said then, here are three more ideas to consider when you want to add new content that’s more unique from the usual written articles you have on your blog.


1. Let ’em see your stuff


It’s not necessary that you include text on all your blog posts. For a change, you might create a two- or three-minute video blog instead. Just include a text description, post it on YouTube, and embed it into your blog for more traffic possibilities via the YouTube audience. You can also use your videos in other places, such as in your LinkedIn profile.


2. A picture’s worth a thousand words


Infographics, using data from studies relating to your niche, are a great way to provide interesting content on your blog. You can create images using stock photos, or you can make them yourself by adding a quote in attractive text. You’ll also want to include some commentary, as well, because search engines do not pick up text that’s on an image. So be sure to use both the “alt” tags as well as some text to describe your image.


3. “Short and sweet” blog posts


Creating a very short post, 300 words or so, about one very focused issue or topic within your niche is another good way to add to content on your blog. If you have a short update about something or other, it’s okay to put a short blog post on your site. They really don’t all have to be epistle-like or book-binding-ready.


For more blogging tips, take a look at Tristan Higbee’s, 101 Blogging Tips: How to Create a Blog People Will Find, Read and Share.


And come back again soon to see what’s new!


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blogging-tip-smAs you know, coming up with content for your blog can be difficult at times, especially if you don’t know all the different types of content you can create as a blog post.


Once you realize, though, that almost any type of content can be turned into a blog post, it’s easier to come up with a lot of different content. For instance, blog posts like …


1. How do you do that?


Teaching your readers things is a great type of post. In fact, you can do how to posts about any number of topics within your niche. If you’re not sure how to get going, though, it’s safe to just start at the beginning. After all, someone out there is a beginner regardless of whether you’re talking about your niche or otherwise.


2. Listy Lists


Creating lists is a great way to create a useful blog post. A list can be anything from a resource list, to a list of do’s and don’ts. Even a list of products that you like to use (adding your affiliate links, of course) is yet another great way to put content on your blog.


3. The Long of It


Generally, you’ll be writing blog posts about 500 words or so, but now and then it’s good to write a really long post. In fact, an in-depth blog post that’s about 1500 words in length is a terrific way to add hard-hitting, relevant content to your blog. Read the rest of this entry »

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