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If your masterpiece is rejected …

Author: Karen McGreevey

rejected-smYou’ve written a really neat masterpiece of an article that you submitted to your favorite publication or online article directory. After a modest amount of waiting, you receive a notice that your work has been rejected.


Your first inclination might be to mope around and “woe is me” a bit, thinking how all that hard work is for nothing. That you have failed! That your article is worthless and unsuitable for every other publication out there now or in the future!


If that is your mantra, you need a re-program in your mindset. A “rejection” is not a Scarlet Letter on your forehead!


First of all, if your article is rejected, DO NOT stomp on it or throw it away or otherwise destroy it. Just because your work was rejected by one publication, it does not mean it can’t be exactly what another publication is looking for.


One man’s junk is another man’s treasure


Google for other publications on your topic. Then look at it again; maybe change a few words or so and then submit it to the other publications.


Or if you write your article from a different angle or perspective, it may turn out to be just the ticket for another market. And as a result get picked up just like that!


Graphic source: Commons.Wikimedia


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Always On Their Mind

Author: Karen McGreevey

open_mind_smThis is what you want to be, especially if your client was a short-term, project-based client.


You can stay front and center by sharing news with your former and current clients off and on. This could include information about what you’re doing, some new process you’ve learned or tool you’ve found, as well as things you’ve achieved.


In addition you could congratulate them on their achievements and life milestones. This will help to keep you foremost on their mind.


For 21 more such tips, check out David Grande’s ebook, Small Business Internet Marketing Code: Online Entrepreneur Beginner Guide – 21 Internet Marketing Tips & Strategies:… at Amazon.


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traffic-smWhen it comes to website traffic, the old saying “the more the merrier” doesn’t exactly hold true. Simply having lots of traffic will not increase the number of your sales.


Your goal in creating traffic is to attract which will in turn, bring you more paying customers. While you can have a lot of traffic coming to your website, if they are not interested in your product or service it won’t do you any good to have them stopping by.


Increase traffic with gimmicks – NOT


If you do a search on the Internet on how to increase traffic to your site, you will find various websites with numerous solutions; some sell software or monthly membership packages that promise to bring traffic to your site. Don’t be fooled by these costly gimmicks. Especially since there are many ways you can increase traffic to your site for free.


What these companies don’t tell you is that one of the ways they drive traffic to your site is by paying people to “surf” the Internet. In this setup, their “staff” log into a website and enter a password so their computer will automatically “scoot around the Net”, displaying different websites.


However, the person that logged in isn’t necessarily paying attention to the screen – and, worse, isn’t even looking at it. In short, the company you paid may be driving “traffic” to your site in terms of visitors, but that’s not a guarantee you’ll get more customers. Read the rest of this entry »


stop_sign112708If you’re a regular reader of my ezine, On the Bright Side, you know that every so often I’ll mention my Konceptuality website or my Creative Ways to Market You (this) blog have been hacked.


And unbeknownst to me until Monday, it happened again! Perhaps it was unbeknownst because I’ve been spending too much time in the kitchen trying to perfect cheesecake for the family!


Actually, I suppose I ought to have suspected something was going on as a couple of weeks ago I was unable to access my webmail email account. In addition, I’d recently begun to again receive email about Viagra, sex stuff, Cialis and other products from foreign countries. Not to mention the “Contact” form on my site being the bearer of strange foreign contacts.


Obviously I didn’t pay as much attention to all that like I should have.


Coincidentally, Monday, I was reading an article on how to tell if your site has been hacked. The article provided a link to a site to test your site.


When I put in, I discovered that six pages at Konceptuality showed up as having been hacked. I then looked to see if I could see any HTML code that did not belong.


Sure enough, I did – in the HTML code at the bottom of each page. Read the rest of this entry »

Want More Traffic?

Author: Karen McGreevey

traffic-smAs you know, getting traffic to your website is something that takes dedication and a “whole lotta” time. And you’re going to have to do a lot of the “get more traffic” tricks to stay competitive. In sort, you’ll need to provide more value than ever before to your audience.


Publish More Relevant Content


Blog daily, if possible, and work on providing content in other ways, too. For instance, you can utilize relevant article directories, write guest blog posts, eBooks, and more. The more relevant and unique content you can come up with for your audience, the better.


Studies show over a 90 percent increase in traffic for websites that have blogs with new content at least 20 days out of the month. Another hint – when it comes to content, focus on long-tail keywords. You can use a tool like to help you.


Social Media Needs You Regularly


It’s important to participate in social media by engaging your audience more. Speak directly to them via social media networks, and leave the sales pitch for your sales pages on your website. If you’ve noticed your “likes” going down, and the engagement going down on your social media networks, it’s your doing – or lack of. So get involved and you’ll see it improve. Read the rest of this entry »

The 411 On Pinterest

Author: Karen McGreevey

120px-Pinterest_Sticker_IconHave you ever wondered about the demographics on Pinterest? How about this; almost 70 percent of Pinterest users are women between the ages of 25 and 34, and about half of them have children.


Additionally, Pinterest users spend about 15 minutes on the site every single day. While there, they share a variety of “pins” and create pin boards or collections to interact with others. The pins that get the most shares are visually pleasing and are often shopping related.


While women and men use Pinterest for the same reasons – to get ideas, to make wish lists or “vision boards”, and to keep track of resources they might want to look at later – women tend to “wish more” than men, who actually tend to “buy more” because of a pin. In other words, men generally pin things they will buy, while women pin things they want to buy or wish they could buy.


Why Pinterest?


Let me count the ways…


* Conversions – Compared to other social networks, Pinterest converts better. There’s something about actually seeing a product or solution that makes people want to try/buy it. So if you can figure a way to convert some of your content to visual content, like in the form of infographics, you’ll get more conversions. Read the rest of this entry »

Increase Your “Reach” By Blogging

Author: Karen McGreevey

raised-hands-smThe Internet is full of a number of ways to communicate and form relationships with your prospects and customers.


While businesses used to rely on email for this, they can now use forums, social networking sites, RSS feeds, and a slew of other avenues. One such way to “talk” to your customers and colleagues is through blogging.


It’s a great way to keep your customers up-to-date on news, products, opinions; you name it.


Instead of putting out bulk email or contacting your prospects and customers individually, you just make a quick blog post and you’re done. You can include links, products, videos, and just about anything you want.


Further, these days people like the feeling of knowing someone they are hiring. If they feel like you’re a friend, or at least someone they can relate with, they’re more willing to seek you out, to buy your products, pay more for your wares, and tell their friends about you.


Thus, enter your blog … Read the rest of this entry »

video-email-sm-3Out of sight, out of mind!


If you’re not doing something in some sort of way to stay in touch with your clients, whether that’s about a short-term project or a long-term one, it’s important make a change or two and follow up with them on a regular basis.


As your former and current clients are likely one of the best sources for future clients, and it doesn’t take much to please a former client when you follow up with them.


Little Things Mean A Lot


People are touched more than you realize by the little things. A handwritten note or a newspaper clipping from an article you read, a quick email telling about a new product or service you are offering, a link to new software you thought they might be interested in that might work for them, a short note telling them they’re awesome will mean a lot if it’s done in an authentic way.


A Little Help from Your Friends


Your current clients can be great sources of new referrals. So keep them aware of the various types of work you do outside of the work you do for them. Offer incentives for referrals, too, as keeping connected will result in more clients.


Stop by again to get some additional tips like this.


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Saying Your Piece On the Internet

Author: Karen McGreevey

dfyga-article-sub-small-2010When you’re talking with someone face to face, it’s almost 99.9% easy to know what they are talking about.


After all, you not only speak with your mouth; you actually communicate with your body as well. And when you’re looking at someone, you can easily read the hand gestures, body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. Which make it pretty easy to understand what the person is saying.


All those clues go out the window, though, when you’re online, as your email, forum posts, other interactions and even webcasts often cannot easily get across your intent. The usual visual clues are non-existent.


However, by following a few simple rules interacting on the Internet can be a whole lot easier. For instance:


1. Write clearly. It’s often difficult to write down what is actually quite easy to say. But writing in an overly long or roundabout way can be confusing to the reader. Instead, think about what you mean to say and put it in short, clear sentences. Keep in mind that sentences dotted with punctuation can be read in a variety of ways, which may confuse your reader; so stick to short, clear sentences.


It also helps to close your message with a little humor or other “nicety.” This will help to keep your overall message from appearing dry. It’s very easy for people to confuse direct and to the point with abrasive when reading. Read the rest of this entry »

Content Marketing Video

Author: Karen McGreevey

video smYou may have noticed recently that video has become a driving force in content marketing. To wit: take a look at the success of YouTube and you’ll see that video content is a thriving entity all on its own. If you’re thinking you want to do video, too, and have usually been using textual content, then the thought of using video can be somewhat traumatizing!


Get the Tools


You really don’t have to spend a bunch of money on the right tools to create entertaining and engaging videos for your content marketing needs. However, at least spend enough to be able to provide adequate lighting and sound. You can even use your iPhone or iPad to create outstanding videos.


No “One Hit” Wonders


If you decide to create a video, you really ought to do more than one. In fact, having a regular video series as part of your blog is a good idea. It will encourage more viewers to take the time to view your videos. While initially it may feel as if no one is watching, if you take the time to stick to doing them over time you’ll begin to see positive results and increased viewership. Read the rest of this entry »

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