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“I Never See Maggie Alone” …

Author: Karen McGreevey

group-work-458653_640…the refrain from a song in the late 1940s…“She brings her father, her mother, her sister and her brother, oh I never see Maggie alone!”


Is this you?


Do you blog alone or with a group? Either position has its benefits and non-benefits.


1. If you go it alone, the focus of your blog, your content, the frequency with which you post, the response to comments, the hails and the travails are all on you; your responsibility.


2. On the other hand, if you get a group together (a group can be as small as two or three) and set out to blog on your niche/topic, you can take turns writing and posting blog posts.


3. Your group can provide different points of view when responding to comments and perhaps generate more traffic to your blog. Read the rest of this entry »


stop_sign112708If you’re a regular reader of my ezine, On the Bright Side, you know that every so often I’ll mention my Konceptuality website or my Creative Ways to Market You (this) blog have been hacked.


And unbeknownst to me until Monday, it happened again! Perhaps it was unbeknownst because I’ve been spending too much time in the kitchen trying to perfect cheesecake for the family!


Actually, I suppose I ought to have suspected something was going on as a couple of weeks ago I was unable to access my webmail email account. In addition, I’d recently begun to again receive email about Viagra, sex stuff, Cialis and other products from foreign countries. Not to mention the “Contact” form on my site being the bearer of strange foreign contacts.


Obviously I didn’t pay as much attention to all that like I should have.


Coincidentally, Monday, I was reading an article on how to tell if your site has been hacked. The article provided a link to a site to test your site.


When I put in, I discovered that six pages at Konceptuality showed up as having been hacked. I then looked to see if I could see any HTML code that did not belong.


Sure enough, I did – in the HTML code at the bottom of each page. Read the rest of this entry »

Want More Traffic?

Author: Karen McGreevey

traffic-smAs you know, getting traffic to your website is something that takes dedication and a “whole lotta” time. And you’re going to have to do a lot of the “get more traffic” tricks to stay competitive. In sort, you’ll need to provide more value than ever before to your audience.


Publish More Relevant Content


Blog daily, if possible, and work on providing content in other ways, too. For instance, you can utilize relevant article directories, write guest blog posts, eBooks, and more. The more relevant and unique content you can come up with for your audience, the better.


Studies show over a 90 percent increase in traffic for websites that have blogs with new content at least 20 days out of the month. Another hint – when it comes to content, focus on long-tail keywords. You can use a tool like to help you.


Social Media Needs You Regularly


It’s important to participate in social media by engaging your audience more. Speak directly to them via social media networks, and leave the sales pitch for your sales pages on your website. If you’ve noticed your “likes” going down, and the engagement going down on your social media networks, it’s your doing – or lack of. So get involved and you’ll see it improve. Read the rest of this entry »

Content Marketing Video

Author: Karen McGreevey

video smYou may have noticed recently that video has become a driving force in content marketing. To wit: take a look at the success of YouTube and you’ll see that video content is a thriving entity all on its own. If you’re thinking you want to do video, too, and have usually been using textual content, then the thought of using video can be somewhat traumatizing!


Get the Tools


You really don’t have to spend a bunch of money on the right tools to create entertaining and engaging videos for your content marketing needs. However, at least spend enough to be able to provide adequate lighting and sound. You can even use your iPhone or iPad to create outstanding videos.


No “One Hit” Wonders


If you decide to create a video, you really ought to do more than one. In fact, having a regular video series as part of your blog is a good idea. It will encourage more viewers to take the time to view your videos. While initially it may feel as if no one is watching, if you take the time to stick to doing them over time you’ll begin to see positive results and increased viewership. Read the rest of this entry »


connect_to_networkYou know it as well as I do, if you’re on the Internet for any length of time sooner or later your Internet will go down. And if you’re read here long enough over the years, you know sometimes I don’t handle it too well!


For me, lots of times it’s because I don’t know what to do instead. (Some of the things I come up with first are still things you need to do on the Internet.)


So if this has happens to you, or if you just need a checklist of things to try if you’re in this situation, consider these tips.


Do not go anywhere


While you might first consider heading to your local coffee shop with your laptop or to the nearby library, it may suit your time better if you just stay put. In particular, if you’ve got kids as by the time you pack up the kids, your work, your snacks, etc., your Internet may be back on. Read the rest of this entry »

Promoting your eBook

Author: Karen McGreevey

promote-ebook-thinkIf you’re like many budding and seasoned authors, you’ve written (or are in the process of writing) an eBook. And now you’re not quite sure where to go from here.


Here are some ideas to help you get the word out about your eBook so that when you’re ready to start moving it, you’ll have an audience ready and eager to stand in virtual line to get your work.


Also, you can begin promoting your book long before it is actually available for your readers. And even if you’ve already got a book on the shelves, it’s not too late to use some of these steps to get out the word about it.


1. Pinterest is your friend! Pin your book cover on Pinterest and tag your sales page or buy link in the description. If you’ve written several books, you might think about creating a board on Pinterest to which you pin all of the covers. It’s a fun way to promote your books and to gain new prospects.


2. 140 characters. Use Twitter to share tantalizing snippets from your book. For example, you might tweet some of the more compelling questions or facts from your book. If you have guest writers in your book, for instance if your foreword has been written by a celebrity (famous or otherwise), quote them on Twitter and definitely link to your book’s sales page.


3. Tell her about it. One of the best ways to do this is to write blog posts that you directly link to your book and your book’s topic. For example, if you wrote a book on how to make healthy smoothies then write a blog post about why carrots are a good ingredient to include in a smoothie. At the end of your post, segue to a short paragraph about your book and be sure to add a link. Guest blog posts are helpful as well because they broaden your reach and increase awareness. Read the rest of this entry »


holiday-specials-smWell, folks, it’s getting to be about that time of year again; time to think about Christmas. (Now, now, no bah humbugs, please!)


Perhaps you’ve already noticed it in the stores; I saw a few Christmas offerings in the Younkers Store for Homes window display Saturday. (I’ve also seen “candy corn” in the stores, which for me easily signifies a changing of the seasons.)


Further, Hallmark Channel has begun running ads for their “Countdown till Christmas” holiday movies that will be shown daily beginning November 2 and up through Christmas day.


All these “signs” subtly signify the Holidays are on their way.


So if you’re thinking about having any “specials” on your products or services to coincide with the Holidays, now is the time to get in gear and think about what you’re going to offer or sell, as well as what days you will run your ads, etc.


Further, since we’re already coming up on the end of September, the time between now and Thanksgiving and Christmas will go fast. Thus you’d better get a move on, as offering specials for the holidays can definitely have a major impact on your overall yearly sales numbers! Read the rest of this entry »

Checking your website twice

Author: Karen McGreevey

You may or may not know by now that copywritingwhen you’re working on your Web site, there is a checklist of sorts to keep in mind as you proofread your site and put on the “finishing touches.” For starters, you might consider one or all of these tips:


Make sure all of your links work. Nothing says frustrating (or “get me outta here”) more than to be reading along at a site, seeing a link that interests you, doing a click, and another click for good measure, but then going nowhere!


Look at your text to see if it is readable. If you can’t see it, most likely neither can others! And, your background may not be suitable either.


Does your message have some rhyme or reason to it? You know–does it make sense? If not, “out with the old and in with the new”–get rid of what’s outdated and add current information.


Using your scroll bar on the side of your site, view one line at a time, either from the bottom down or top up. This is also helpful, in general, when reading your site. As well as other sites you might visit.


As you zero in on some of these points, you will find that proofreading correctly definitely takes time. So if your time is short, you may decide to find someone who can do the proofreading for you. Think me!


In the end, though, the effort will not only potentially boost your sales, but your site will have the look of a professional.


Lisa Angelettie has a Kindle book, Content Marketing Tips, with more tips, check it out.


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These days, you and I link-chain-sm and webmasters and online marketers alike can easily get caught up in developing a strategy for your SEO imprint using incoming links to your website.


While the point of link building, as you know, is to shore up your authority in the search engines so you can get more traffic to your website, the difficulty with this process is that over-zealous business owners may use false and misguided methods to build up links. Which in the end can cause more harm than good.


So here are five tips to help you step through the link-building maze:


1. Put Keywords in your links. When you build internal links on your website, it is important to use keywords in your anchor text, navigation text, and in any contextual links to other items within your website–or even those that link to outside websites. However, make sure the keywords you use are not forced or stilted; they’ve got to be natural and your content needs to makes sense.


2. When it comes to social networks, less is more. Just because a social network is there and/or everybody else is using it, it doesn’t mean you have to “jump off the bridge with them”!


So, if you’re not going to use a specific social network and your target audience does not hang out at that social network, there is no point in signing up. Getting links from inactive profiles will just downgrade you with Google search. Read the rest of this entry »

Field of Dreams

Author: Karen McGreevey

FldofDrmsHmPlate051904-sm2Living in Iowa and relatively close (150 miles west) to Dyersville and the “Field of Dreams”, it’s fitting that I touch upon the famous line in the movie as a segue into something you might try when you’re wondering how you’re going to get new clients.


You remember the line – “If you build it, they will come!” And they did, once the baseball field was built.


But for your part, you’re still sitting, waiting, and no new customers are knocking on your (physical) door, nor are they landing at your new website or Facebook page. In fact, your foot traffic and web prints have been rather sparse for several months.


So what are you doing about it?


First and foremost, just because you “build it”, they won’t necessarily come. Especially if they don’t even know you exist!


How’s your marketing?


Are you marketing your business on a regular basis? If not, mark off specific time in your weekly calendar to spend X amount of time (an hour at least) to write articles, send out ads, Tweet or Facebook or participate on LinkedIn.


If you can, find a “podcast” or a blog “guest post” gig to introduce you and your business to new readers and/or listenership.


And then get going!


P.S. Check out Jeff Goin’s book It’s got some tips to help you figure out your audience – Every Writer Needs a Tribe: A Practical Guide to Finding (and Writing For) Your Audience


Photo Source: Wikepedia


Jewels of Life: Believe, Dream, Internet Marketing, Tips and Tricks, Working with a VA



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