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Just Write

Author: Karen McGreevey

For many, it’s writersblockan “age old” problem when it comes to writing; how many times have you (or someone you know) said, you have “writer’s block”?


Or at least that you can’t seem to come up with an idea for an article or a blog post?


Well, stop thinking about it and just get started!


At least if you start your writing project, you may find you’ll “stir up your inspiration” enough to “get into the swing of things”.


You’ll also have less to do later, which means you may no longer feel as if your “stuckness” on your undone article is some sort of ball and chain around your neck!


In their audio program, Clearing Writer’s Block”, Joe Vitale and Pat O’Bryan share some other ideas that may be helpful to you as you get ready to start writing.


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It seems like more and more you foot-forward-smcan be watching a news program or see an article in the newspaper that references a teenager that has been ripped apart by something that was said about them online. Usually through social media of some sort. (Adults have been known to get caught in errant situations, as well.)


Sadly, as a result, some instances have resulted in a teenager committing suicide or an adult maybe being charged with criminal acts of some measure.


Those situations, thankfully, are not the norm, although they have been a precursor to the pitfalls that can impact anyone online.


This can include anyone with a business online.


While it’s essential that you use social media to promote your business, it’s also important to know that how you present yourself using this means is a map as to how your readers, your customers and your following will come to know, like and trust you.


Thus, your actions speak louder than words, regardless of whether you have a business social media account or a personal SM account. This means you’ll want separate “handles” for each. Your @JaneDoe Twitter account will be different from your @speakers/authors business account.


When you’re being involved on your personal social media account, be yourself and be upfront. Show your personality, admit mistakes, lead the conversation and respond to others. On your business account, you can also show your colors by letting your audience know you are for real and interesting. Read the rest of this entry »

Do Not Edit!

Author: Karen McGreevey

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you blank-monitora thousand times … (sound familiar)?


If you’re like me, you may have noticed there are times (maybe a lot of times) when you’re writing an article or a blog post or some other content and every time you write a paragraph or two, you stop, go back to see what you’ve written, and then you edit what you wrote.


Or, you don’t even get through one paragraph before you’re going back to the beginning and making changes. Start, stop; start, stop!


That is so wrong, and you know it.


Yet, you do it anyway (and for the record, I’m the biggest re-write writer, edit editor of my own stuff that ever walked the face of this earth with a correction pen or cross out line!).


So here’s a tip that might help you (us all). Try to not edit anything when you are writing your first draft.


Just tell the “little wo/man editor” inside you that you will make it worth her while and she can tear your piece up all she wants–just later! Once you’ve managed to get your words out into the open in the first place, that is!


And to make it hard for said internal edit gal, try this. TURN OFF YOUR MONITOR and continue to write/type away!


See how much you can edit then!


For more ideas, check out Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing…


Photo source: Clkr


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Monkey See

Author: Karen McGreevey

Want to write an monkey-see article but you find you’re stuck–with no ideas in sight or mind? Then take a bit of time to “follow the dots” of those in your niche or to gather ideas from comments at membership sites, or the blogs of others.


And try one or two of these tips on for size:


1. Make an appointment with your doctor or dentist! Then arrive early. Really! When I go to the doctor I have a chance to read many magazines that I wouldn’t otherwise get my hands on. So I take my “early arrival time” to check out the Table of Contents, articles and even graphics in numerous publications to gather ideas for my articles and blog posts.


2. Subscribe to RSS feeds on a variety of subjects along the line of your niche or your products, as well as things that interest you. Then take some time to search through the feeds each day to select a few articles to read. Take notes on the material as you do so, and use them to come up with articles and blog posts.


3. Scan through the comments posted by others at online articles directories, membership forums, and blog posts at sites where you read regularly. Write down the interesting ideas, the pros and cons of an issue, and opinions of others. In fact, controversial comments make for a good pro or con article or blog post.


4 Use some of the online tools like Technorati, Digg, Delicious, etc. to help trigger writing inspiration. Also, check Yahoo’s buzz log to find out what people are talking about and searching for. Use all these resources to come up with new ideas.


Once you start looking, you’ll find there are lots of online and off resources you can use to crank up your writing gears.


Check out Douglas Roberts’ ebook, Quick and Easy Content Writing Tips for 99 ideas to help you with your writing projects.


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“Killer Webinar” Tips 3-5

Author: Karen McGreevey

The other day, I began a rather lengthy post webinar-welcome with “Tips for Putting on a ‘Killer’ Webinar.


Because of its length, I decided to break the post into several parts and to encourage you to come back often to get the rest of the tips.


Thus, this post reflects “tips 3, 4 and 5” you can use to enhance your viewer’s webinar experience:


1. You talk too much.
Let it not be said that trying to cram too much information into one Webinar is a detriment to your audience. But it can happen. As a result, you Webinar may go too long or there will be too much news for your target viewers to assimilate. Thus, they’re apt to lose focus, or you’ll find they click away before your time is up. So try to narrow your subject.


2. Your Webinar is not a sale.
Opposite to having too much information is not having enough to talk about. Which then puts you into the “selling” mode. While it’s true, you are conducting the Webinar to eventually generate sales, you don’t want to spend your entire session selling. It’s a major turnoff as your audience really would like to know a bit about your product, your service that they can use.


3. A wing and a prayer!
If you’re taking the time to put on a Webinar, you’ll want to go into it wholeheartedly by planning what you’re going to say. Of course, you don’t want to come across stilted but you do want to have some cohesiveness to your presentation. Notes are good and if you’re giving facts about your topic, include sources for them.


That’s it for today, folks! I’ll have the “final two” tips in a few days. See you then!


And in case you missed it, here’s that link to the “Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide written by Lewis Howes.


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Everybody’s doing it; you know they are. webinar-welcome And you know you ought to, too! Yet you’ve been holding off joining in on the fray. You know, however, you can only hold “them” at bay for so long.


So you might as well “get your feet wet”–and then do it handily with some of the following tips. Actually, I have seven tips that I’ll “spread” over several days–to give you a chance to “dig in to” the meat of them and to perhaps implement them as you go.


For starters, here are Tips 1 and 2:


1. Can you hear me now? What about “see” me?
How many webinars or online meetings have you sat in on that used the first 20, even 30, minutes or so trying to get everyone logged in, the “sound checked” and the visuals “pulled up”? Perhaps you’ve felt your precious time slipping away; time waiting you could have used to finish up that one report on the edge of your desk.


Instead of performing the many preliminary checks during the “live session”, consider using a checklist and preparing your sound and camera BEFORE the event starts.


Initiate the help of a friend or colleague and ask him or her to log in to the room with you beforehand.


* Do a trial run with him or her to see what glitches might materialize during your “trial”.
* Check microphones especially, and if you plan to record the event, test your recording equipment, too

* Lighting and background noise should also be considered.


2. Is it time yet?
If you’re scheduling a webinar do a bit of research before you set a date, then decide upon a date and time when your target audience is most apt to be available to show up. You’ll want to consider different time zones and countries as well. U.S. Eastern, mid-afternoon, midweek is a good time to attract viewers.


Be sure to stop back here this week for our additional tips.


And take a look at the Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide written by Lewis Howes.


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No “I” Nor “Me”

Author: Karen McGreevey

An oft-touted “rule” when writing for the web is to leave out the blue eye“we”, the “I” and the “me” when referring to your readers. “You” makes what you write more personal and speaks more to your audience.


Instead, you might try referring to the “subject” in your blog posts or articles as “it”, “this” or “here”. Your reader will be more inclined to take notice of what you’re saying.


Here’s this theory in “action”:


In place of: “The Boys” Found the Treats On Sunday Morning and Made Short Work of Them


Use, This is Why There Were No Treats for “The Boys” Easter Sunday


Notice the subtlety?


When you don’t “lead” your reader in to the piece de resistance with your title by practically telling them the whole story, you’re creating enough of a mystery that they’ll actually want to know what you’re talking about.


So they’ll stay at your site long enough to read you whole post or article. And maybe they’ll even come back again.


Looking for more tips on sprucing up your writing for the web? Check out Lynda Felder’s book, Writing for the Web: Creating Compelling Web Content Using Words, Pictures, and Sound


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Write and Go

Author: Karen McGreevey

email-smallBelieve it or not, email marketing can be a bit like the EverReady Bunny!


All you need to do is to “write and go”; write your message, set it, forget it, go. And your staying in touch keeps on going.


If done right, your email will reach your subscribers directly–no round-abouts. You just address your email to your subscribers specifically.


If you were to use social media like Facebook and Twitter instead, your message would get out there, but you’d not have the “direct” approach where you can address your reader from a personal standpoint–as in key in their first name, for instance.


Further, after collecting your visitor’s email address and name, you have an opportunity to continue to stay in touch with them and to have them come back to you via your email or other mailings. Otherwise, chances of a visitor returning are pretty much nil and none. So send them other offers or an ezine so you can keep in touch on a regular basis.


Whether your email is an ezine or special offer or some other type of follow-up, it will help you to build a relationship with your readers. In turn, they will be able to develop a like and trust with you.


All this helps your subscribers to know you offer sound advice and sell products or services they want. And they’ll come back again and again.


Check out Jonathan Brook’s ebook, Make Money with Email Marketing for a few more tips that might be of interest to you in your quest for getting new customers.


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OIVAC Early Bird Special

Author: Karen McGreevey

Check out the Early Bird2013-banner3Special presented by the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) that’s srunning now until March 31.


The Convention itself takes place May 16-18.


The lineup of scheduled events and the latest in technology are sure to knock your socks off!


To get all the details and to register, click here.


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More Traffic Is Not Necessarily Better

Author: Karen McGreevey

Okay, so you’ve heard the “old saw” that you traffic-smallneed to get lots of traffic to your site!


After all, that’s the way you get customers and eventually sell products. And those visitors tell others that come to visit and the snowball grows!


However, “more traffic” isn’t necessarily better. If your traffic doesn’t do anything but come by then click away and never comes back, what have you gained?


Or, if visitors stop at your site, get your “freebie” and then leave, again with no other activity, you’ve missed out again.


This tells you the numbers don’t matter as much as you’ve been led to believe. So you’ve got to do something to keep your visitors interested in staying at your site. Or have something that persuades them to come back frequently.


So your goal is to create new, relevant, in-real time pertinent articles, blog posts and reports that will promote the return of quality folks. Those who can use your information; those in your market.


And once your visitors figure it out that you are the “go to” for quality information, they’ll beat it back to you when they need your product or want to learn something new. Which means you’ll then be getting quality traffic, and lots more customers.


Ming Jon Tey has written a book, Free Website Traffic – 10 Proven Free Traffic Techniques To Promote Your Website to help with getting traffic.


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