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Do these if you’re stuck for blog topics

baby-elephant-walking-in-the-forestRemember that old saw, “Where does the elephant ______ (you decide what)?” And the reply, “Wherever he wants to!”


Well, isn’t that a bit like how you decide what you’re going to blog about?


You pick a topic, maybe five or 10 minutes before you want to publish it to your blog. And you end up choosing a random topic?


Goodness knows, a method like this while maybe effective could prove to be highly stressful so that in your haste your finished work/post could end up being less than helpful to your readers.


Instead of the “fly by seat of your pants” method, before you begin putting words to keyboard try setting aside some time in your schedule to come up with a month’s worth of blog ideas.


Ideas that you can strategically tie to any upcoming launches and promotions you’ve got in mind. You’ll find you’ve have an easier, less stressful time in doing so.


While this tactic may seem somewhat daunting, here are a number of tips you can use in creating your blog posts and as you go about your writing tasks.


In fact, I’ll post two tips now and share two in a day or so to give you time to see how these can fit into your blog posting creation.


1. Serialize Your Blog Posts
TV does the “serial” thing quite successfully, and you can, too, by using a number of subtopics under one general blog topic.


For instance, it’s pretty easy to decide what to blog about once you’ve got the overall focus of your post. If you have a 10 part series or a 20 part series, you instantly have the next 10-20 topics.


Additionally, when you announce a blog series, your readers will return daily (or whatever the frequency is of your blog) to read “the rest of the story” so to speak.


2. Add Structure
To make it easier to decide what to blog about, design a specific format for your blog.

For example, on Mondays you could write a “how to” blog post and on Fridays you might post a video.


Include such possibilities with your brainstorming, and be sure to take a look at what other bloggers are doing as this is a good way to get your own ideas to come.


Check back in the next day or so to get the last two blog topic ideas in this series.


P. S. For more tips, check out this book, 100 Easy Ways to Get More Readers and Traffic to Your Blog by Karim Baz.


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