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eZine Format Decisions

In today’s Internet age, more and more those who publish ezines may use one or more of the 3 most commonly used formats for putting out an eZine.


Although there are three usual formats, you can decide which format is the best choice for you. Keeping in mind, though, that each winning format has its pros and cons.


For instance, the text eZine is the most commonly published! The advantage with this format is it requires no special skill to use a Word or Notepad program. Other than your writing.


Then, while the HTML eZine format requires a certain degree of HTML skills on your part, it does allow you to add more sophisticated features to your eZine issues. Thus making your eZines more appealing to your subscriber and having the potential to increase your value to your readership, as a result. This is something text eZines do not do.


Further, with an eZine format, you can “decorate” your eZine, change your fonts, include photos, clip art, and more. However, the drawback often faced by an HTML eZine user is that the HTML eZine often gets trapped in a spam filter before it reaches its intended subscriber’s inbox.


And then there’s the third and least used format among the 3, which is the PDF eZine. Partly because publishing your eZine in PDF format can be very time consuming and because it uses a lot of effort on your part to get it all put together. But it is one way to make up for in quality readership.


Because of the commitment to time and effort, PDF eZines are usually published monthly. The great thing with the PDF eZine, though, is you can add your affiliate links into your PDF eZine issue, and you can allow your subscribers to spread your eZine around.


Although there are three choices, you do not necessarily have to choose one eZine format over another, as some eZine publishers today are known to publish in more than one format.


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  1. Hilton Anderlik Says:

    If you’re exercising any kind of email marketing, then don’t keep doing it the identical way you’ve been in the past – specially if it isn’t working.

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