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Field of Dreams

FldofDrmsHmPlate051904-sm2Living in Iowa and relatively close (150 miles west) to Dyersville and the “Field of Dreams”, it’s fitting that I touch upon the famous line in the movie as a segue into something you might try when you’re wondering how you’re going to get new clients.


You remember the line – “If you build it, they will come!” And they did, once the baseball field was built.


But for your part, you’re still sitting, waiting, and no new customers are knocking on your (physical) door, nor are they landing at your new website or Facebook page. In fact, your foot traffic and web prints have been rather sparse for several months.


So what are you doing about it?


First and foremost, just because you “build it”, they won’t necessarily come. Especially if they don’t even know you exist!


How’s your marketing?


Are you marketing your business on a regular basis? If not, mark off specific time in your weekly calendar to spend X amount of time (an hour at least) to write articles, send out ads, Tweet or Facebook or participate on LinkedIn.


If you can, find a “podcast” or a blog “guest post” gig to introduce you and your business to new readers and/or listenership.


And then get going!


P.S. Check out Jeff Goin’s book It’s got some tips to help you figure out your audience – Every Writer Needs a Tribe: A Practical Guide to Finding (and Writing For) Your Audience


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