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How To Avoid Mistakes When Social Media Beckons

social-media-iconsIt’s easy to get confused when you’re starting out on social media. Even the “seasoned” group can learn a thing or two about the various social media platforms. So here are a few clues to work your social media no matter what your level.


1. Facebook isn’t the only game in town


While Facebook has by far become the “go to” platform for many when it comes to working social media, it’s not the only game in town. You can use other networks to promote your blog, your website, your services, your you. Especially if you’re looking at SEO purposes, you’ll want to engage in places like Google+.


2. A full plate is not always a good thing


Even though I mentioned in Tip 1 that it’s important to use other social media platforms to work social media, the opposite of that is to really temper your exposure on too many platforms at a time.


Not because it’s not a good idea to get acquainted at numerous sites, but because you run the risk of not achieving the results you’d like. You’re also spreading yourself too thin so you won’t have the time to devote to marketing as you’d like. So just pick a couple of networks to start.


3. A picture or a link is worth a thousand words


Where have you heard that before? it’s a bit of a mantra to anyone wanting to market on the web. So if you want your prospects to be able to find your site or to interact with you, to share your content, be sure to include the “pictures” (social media buttons) on your blog or website. Where they can be easily seen!


4. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours


Just because you’re signed up to all the social networks you can think of doesn’t mean you’re done.


Now, you’ve got to “engage” with your customers and followers. So besides following people, you need to interact with them. You can do this in part by contacting them offline – or at least away from the “fog” of Facebook or Twitter. Go their site and leave contents on blog posts. Or send them an email.


5. Images are missing in your posts


Word has it that posts that include images will get more likes, tweets, Pins, etc., across all social platforms. So make sure what you share has a link to a message with an image.


So what do you think?


It’s a given that social media is here to stay, particularly as a vital component of digital marketing. So as you’re devising your marketing plan to compete online, consider these tips when working online.


And while you’re considering these tips, take a look at Andrew Macarthy’s 500 Social Media Marketing Tips


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