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How to Find a Great Graphic Designer

Two Heads Are Better Than One


Finding a great Graphic Designer can be about as difficult as finding your life’s calling with a million dollar paycheck. Oh they exist all right, however, finding the right one takes patience, diligence, a whole lot of time and a bit of luck, right?


Not necessarily. Really!


Finding a great graphic designer is easier than finding a needle in a haystack – especially when you know where to look!


Begin by asking friends, family and business associates who have great graphics. Unless they did their graphics themselves they had to have hired a graphic designer. Referrals are the best place to find a great graphic designer. However, know that great graphic designers are like great babysitters in that once you’ve found one you may be reluctant to share them with others since that may mean they’ll be unavailable for you. Your friends and associates may hold out on you even if they do know a great designer.


Visit Web sites you like with great graphics


Many businesses will use the same graphic designer for all their design needs. That means designers that do logos may also create Web site graphics. Often, at the bottom of a Web site you’ll see the Web site creator and/or graphic designer listed. It’s usually a link; click on it and visit their Web site. View their portfolio, and if everything looks good, give them a call.


Visit graphic design associations
Every vocation has a number of associations to belong to and graphic design is no different. Participation in these associations isn’t a guarantee that the designer is spectacular however it is a good place to start. Two main organizations are:


– The Graphic Artists Guild –
– The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) –


Once you have a few names to check out, it’s time to compare.
While price may be at the top of your priority list, it’s important to also view their portfolio. A logo and design you, and more importantly your target audience, love is well worth twice the price of a poorly designed logo.


You’ll also want to evaluate their terms, professionalism and the systems they have in place to make sure they understand your needs and the image you’re trying to project. Some graphic designers will speak to you on the phone while others have a form, usually found on online, they’ll have you fill out. If a designer never asks about the image you want for your material, find a different designer.


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  1. Madeleine Frady Says:

    Been looking at doing site optimization and bettering the design on my website for a long time, so this website has been very useful. Clear read as well, so thanks!

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