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“I Never See Maggie Alone” …

group-work-458653_640…the refrain from a song in the late 1940s…“She brings her father, her mother, her sister and her brother, oh I never see Maggie alone!”


Is this you?


Do you blog alone or with a group? Either position has its benefits and non-benefits.


1. If you go it alone, the focus of your blog, your content, the frequency with which you post, the response to comments, the hails and the travails are all on you; your responsibility.


2. On the other hand, if you get a group together (a group can be as small as two or three) and set out to blog on your niche/topic, you can take turns writing and posting blog posts.


3. Your group can provide different points of view when responding to comments and perhaps generate more traffic to your blog.


In addition, each of you can include links to your own website or your own specific blogs, if you have them, as you encourage readers to stop by those links.


4. If you’re having difficulty coming up with something to write about, having a blogger-in-partner could likely relieve some of the stress you might experience when it comes time to add to your blog.


5. Of course, in all likelihood you would not want to open up your blog to just anyone to contribute. You’d research the bloggers and the way they write. As their contributions (including spelling, grammar, content) at your blog will be a reflection of (each) of you.


6. You’d also want to make sure their opinions are somewhat similar to yours.


While it’s not necessary to agree with everything they think, it would be beneficial to your readers if the contributors in your group are not so far out from your own beliefs. (Crude and rude and off-color might not be in your best interest for what you’re trying to achieve.)


7. Engaging writers and other bloggers enables you to easily keep up with the trends and ideas of others.


If blogging is in your future, check out Zac Johnson’s Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger


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