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Ideas for Articles Are Here, There, Everywhere

All you have to do is look around


If you’ve ever spent time in line at a grocery store, or waiting somewhere for a bus, or even a minute or two or 20, waiting for some announcement by your favorite speaker, you may have been the “victim of a wandering mind!”


So, put that wandering mind to use and see how many ideas you can come up with for an article–just by “surveying your surroundings.”


Recently, while I was waiting for one of those campaigners to speak, I decided that rather than listen to some of the TV analysts go on and on, I’d tune them out to write an article.


And this is is it!


In truth, it took a while to get to this point, though, since I spent a good part of the morning dangling from “writer’s block”. Perhaps you’ve experienced it, too. Like when you’ve really meant to write an article to add to your article store, but no matter how hard you try you’re stuck because you can’t come up with a topic.


So what do you do?


What do you do when you can’t even get an idea? Or if you do get an idea, you can’t manage to put any thoughts into reasonable sentences on paper?


Well, I’m here to tell you the day I struggled, all of a sudden I experienced a “thought shift”; and here’s how the words spilled out.


1. Pay attention to your surroundings


As you can gather from the lengthy preamble above, one way to come up with ideas for articles is to look at what’s going on around you.


What’s in the headlines of newspapers and magazines?


Take some time to review articles, watch television, listen to the radio. Maybe you can evaluate the agendas of the local school board meetings or your City’s council meetings. What’s happening on your favorite television program? Well, aside from the shoot ’em ups, car chases, or something with “Sex in the City”!


If someone in your networking circle or on TV mentions a topic that sounds fascinating, jump on the Internet to find more information about that issue.


What interests you? Who do you want to touch? Look for blog posts or articles at article data banks that center around your target market or your niche. When you’re in conversation with colleagues, neighbors and friends, there may be an idea you can grab from the conversation.


2. Write it down


Keep a notebook or recipe box, a tackle box, a table napkin–handy. It doesn’t matter what, really. But make it large enough and sturdy enough to hold your written thoughts. You may even decide to use your computer and just save all your ideas as a Word document or a swipe file.


3. Recycle


Dig out some of the old articles you’ve written and rewrite them from a different viewpoint. If you were the “pro” before, be the “con” now and see what happens. When an already published article catches your eye, use that for your topic, and play the Devil’s advocate with yours. Or approach the article or blog post from an entirely different angle from the original.


4. A picture is worth a thousand words


In addition to writing, typing, computing and saving your words, you might also support your thoughts with pictures cut from newspapers and magazines. So you really may want to include a section in your idea book where they will be handy when you are ready to use them.


And before long, you’ll have so many ideas for articles, your big decision then will be what you’ll write about first.


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