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Link building? Take a look at these tips

These days, you and I link-chain-sm and webmasters and online marketers alike can easily get caught up in developing a strategy for your SEO imprint using incoming links to your website.


While the point of link building, as you know, is to shore up your authority in the search engines so you can get more traffic to your website, the difficulty with this process is that over-zealous business owners may use false and misguided methods to build up links. Which in the end can cause more harm than good.


So here are five tips to help you step through the link-building maze:


1. Put Keywords in your links. When you build internal links on your website, it is important to use keywords in your anchor text, navigation text, and in any contextual links to other items within your website–or even those that link to outside websites. However, make sure the keywords you use are not forced or stilted; they’ve got to be natural and your content needs to makes sense.


2. When it comes to social networks, less is more. Just because a social network is there and/or everybody else is using it, it doesn’t mean you have to “jump off the bridge with them”!


So, if you’re not going to use a specific social network and your target audience does not hang out at that social network, there is no point in signing up. Getting links from inactive profiles will just downgrade you with Google search.


3. Lose your blogroll. In other words, the links in the sidebar of your blog, and specifically your “blogroll”, need to be gone.


By linking out to anyone whether you know it or not, you’re automatically recommending them. Thus you’re giving away some of your traffic. And once they leave, they might not come back! As alternative to linking, link within your blog posts and text to people and products you recommend instead.


4. Mind your “comment” manners. When you comment on another person’s forum, blog post, or article, follow the basic rules. For instance, if you’re going to comment, don’t just say “awesome”, or “way to go” or “I like that”; really contribute to the discussion with a thought-out comment. And don’t put links inside your comment as they could easily be seen as “looking out for you”, – i.e., self-serving!


5. Have some rhyme and reason toward the article directories you choose. Article marketing is not dead, but it has changed. These days it’s most important to get quality, relevant content that links back to your website “naturally”. Try guest blog posting, and posting only on relevant magazine-like places that provide content, products and services pertinent to your target audience.


By paying attention to cues like these, you’ll be able to create a really good ink-building campaign that really works to get traffic to your site in a productive way. After all, you really don’t want tons of just any traffic; you want massive, relevant traffic that consists of people who want your products and services.


The best way to go about this is by being proactively picky about where you put your links.


P.S. For some more guidance when it comes to SEO and Link Building, Jason Kamen shares 101 SEO Link Building Tips.


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