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No Muss, No Fuss. Quick Tips to Writing Articles

Here are a few tips why the body of your article might be lacking and what you can do about it.


You’re Giving Me A Headache


…the flow and format of the body of your article is all over the place. Have a point and stick to it. If you get another idea half way through writing your article, turn it into a separate article. Don’t try to cram it all into one article.


One Sentence Paragraphs


The only time you should write a one sentence paragraph is if it is a narrative. Although occasionally you can write one for dramatic effect, but try to stay away from these as much as you can.


Loooonggg Sentences


Even in our capitalist society, punctuation is free. This “.” is a period! The period is your friend. For some, it is a long lost friend.


Your sentences should be relatively short.


When your “words of wisdom” tome is done, read it out loud to yourself. How does it sound? For instance, if you have a 10-line sentence, you might want to rethink it. I visit a popular message board. One of the posters there writes really terrific, thought-provoking posts. However, she rarely puts in a period. Period! Which, in turn, makes her posts extremely difficult to read and to understand.


Body Headlines


Using headlines in the body of your article is a really good idea. They’ll enable you to offer your reader a little something extra, thus perhaps getting them to pay more attention to you. If you use headlines in the body of your article, consider capitalizing the first letter of each word.


The Last Paragraph


Use your last paragraph to summarize the point you made in the article. But, it’s best to not use your last paragraph to put links or hints about your site or your biography. You can include these items in your byline.


P.S. So, what tips can you come up with for writing articles?


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