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Promoting your eBook

promote-ebook-thinkIf you’re like many budding and seasoned authors, you’ve written (or are in the process of writing) an eBook. And now you’re not quite sure where to go from here.


Here are some ideas to help you get the word out about your eBook so that when you’re ready to start moving it, you’ll have an audience ready and eager to stand in virtual line to get your work.


Also, you can begin promoting your book long before it is actually available for your readers. And even if you’ve already got a book on the shelves, it’s not too late to use some of these steps to get out the word about it.


1. Pinterest is your friend! Pin your book cover on Pinterest and tag your sales page or buy link in the description. If you’ve written several books, you might think about creating a board on Pinterest to which you pin all of the covers. It’s a fun way to promote your books and to gain new prospects.


2. 140 characters. Use Twitter to share tantalizing snippets from your book. For example, you might tweet some of the more compelling questions or facts from your book. If you have guest writers in your book, for instance if your foreword has been written by a celebrity (famous or otherwise), quote them on Twitter and definitely link to your book’s sales page.


3. Tell her about it. One of the best ways to do this is to write blog posts that you directly link to your book and your book’s topic. For example, if you wrote a book on how to make healthy smoothies then write a blog post about why carrots are a good ingredient to include in a smoothie. At the end of your post, segue to a short paragraph about your book and be sure to add a link. Guest blog posts are helpful as well because they broaden your reach and increase awareness.


4. The press can be your friend. Assuming your book provides value and solves a problem, take the time to put out a press release. An article in the local paper or a spot on local news could do a lot for drumming up business for book sales.


5. Now we see you. Movie creators produce trailers for their movies and so fiction writers create book trailers for their books to help promote their movies and books and entice movie goers and readers to buy.


With all the tools available to the reading/viewing audience at large, you can embrace the same concept and create your own video book trailer or even a small slide show to help you hit the air waves.


6. Get your show on the road. If you’re not yet at the time to release my book stage, consider building buzz by building anticipation for it by getting the word out as to when to expect the book. Many digital distributors offer pre-sales which means you can take orders for your book before you release it. What a great way to build buzz and promote your book.


You’ve spent your whole life, half a year, or maybe just two weeks of time and energy creating your book. So help it succeed by creating a promotional plan. Share your book news by using as many of the marketing means and promotional resources available to you that you can manage.


And the more the merrier!


Randy Davila has written an eBook, Think Like a Publisher: 33 Essential Tips to Write, Promote, and Sell Your Book, with some additional tips that might help you promote your eBook.


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