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Santa Claus is coming to town – ho, ho, ho

holiday-specials-smWell, folks, it’s getting to be about that time of year again; time to think about Christmas. (Now, now, no bah humbugs, please!)


Perhaps you’ve already noticed it in the stores; I saw a few Christmas offerings in the Younkers Store for Homes window display Saturday. (I’ve also seen “candy corn” in the stores, which for me easily signifies a changing of the seasons.)


Further, Hallmark Channel has begun running ads for their “Countdown till Christmas” holiday movies that will be shown daily beginning November 2 and up through Christmas day.


All these “signs” subtly signify the Holidays are on their way.


So if you’re thinking about having any “specials” on your products or services to coincide with the Holidays, now is the time to get in gear and think about what you’re going to offer or sell, as well as what days you will run your ads, etc.


Further, since we’re already coming up on the end of September, the time between now and Thanksgiving and Christmas will go fast. Thus you’d better get a move on, as offering specials for the holidays can definitely have a major impact on your overall yearly sales numbers!


Show us what you’ve got


Whether your business is online or offline you can share the value of your products. For instance, if you have a permanent store you can walk into, you might set up demonstrations of your products live with you in person. On the other hand, if you do your business online your products can be seen via video presentation.


Even if your business is a service instead of a product, you can share your value with your audience by providing an interview with some of your customers who have used your service.


Holiday sales often signify a percentage is going to charity


Our local Younkers (my guess it’s also being done in their stores nationwide) has been offering 25% off on wearing apparel (15% off for other items) for each gently used item you donate to Goodwill. (This offer is in effect until October 5.)


You could take some cue from this, set up your sales offer, then donate a percentage to your favorite charity.


Younkers has been doing their Goodwill promotion for many years; you can, too. And when your promotion is over send out a press release to thank you customers and to let them know how much you appreciated their contributions. Your customers will look forward to your event each year.


Create Special Holiday Bundles


During the holidays people don’t really like buying things just for themselves, so come up with bundles that let your visitors keep some of your product or services for themselves while giving the rest away. This can be done with digital or physical items. Also, buy one get one are great ways to reach this goal.


How many beans in the jar?


Right before the holidays is a great time to plan a contest. You actually can use social media to do this. For instance, get your current customers to make a short 45-second video about why they love your products and/or services and have them post it to Ask them to solicit votes, and share it widely. Your winner will get a big prize of some kind. Make it super worthwhile–like your last product or a free year of services.


By creating unique holiday offers for your products and/or services, you will generate a buzz during the holidays that won’t easily be forgotten. But remember, you’ve got to get started soon with your plan and the implementing of it, as promotion is the key to success.


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