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Steve Thomas Shares Quick and Easy “Self-Help” Tips

Today’s Guest Blogger, Steve Thomas is a member of Self-Starters Weekly Tips.


My name is Steve Thomas and I am staring sixty years old in the face!


My life up until about ten years ago was not much to shout about. I had some successes and a lot of failures.


Then something happened!


I had been reading self help stuff for years, but never done anything much about it. I finally decided to put some of what I had learned to use.


Things changed!


What I really want to talk about has happened in the last few months. I have long wanted to share what I have learned, but I live in a really small town. I could move, but then I would leave family behind. How to go about it? Ah, I know, share it on the internet!


I joined Lynn Terry’s Self Starter’s Weekly Tips and started learning ways that I could share with the world.


Now I have to admit that I knew next to nothing about how to build a web site, or anything about computers other than how to turn it on and waste time surfing the net. However, the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is wrong!


For those of us who are nearing retirement age, or have been pushed into it for one reason or another, I strongly suggest looking seriously at internet marketing.


You may think that you can’t do this, but let me tell you; you can do anything you put your mind to and work hard at. Is it easy? Well, there were times when my windows were in fear of having a computer thrown through them, but if I can learn it, you can!


Karen has some excellent advice and teaching on this site. You would do well to read it over carefully and think long and hard about where you are now, and where you want to be ten years from now.


You decide!


You take responsibility for your life and enjoy the ride like you never have!


Here’s to You!


Steve Thomas is the creator of A Life Change For You. By clicking on the link, you can subscribe to Steve’s “‘self-help’ tips on taking action,” He’s also created A Common Path, dedicated to helping people find a better, more fulfilling life. Steve is a minister, yoga and meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, blogger, online marketer and all around nice guy!


Jewels of Life: Believe, Dream, Hope, Internet Marketing, Tips and Tricks



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