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Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Check this – STAT

stop_sign112708If you’re a regular reader of my ezine, On the Bright Side, you know that every so often I’ll mention my Konceptuality website or my Creative Ways to Market You (this) blog have been hacked.


And unbeknownst to me until Monday, it happened again! Perhaps it was unbeknownst because I’ve been spending too much time in the kitchen trying to perfect cheesecake for the family!


Actually, I suppose I ought to have suspected something was going on as a couple of weeks ago I was unable to access my webmail email account. In addition, I’d recently begun to again receive email about Viagra, sex stuff, Cialis and other products from foreign countries. Not to mention the “Contact” form on my site being the bearer of strange foreign contacts.


Obviously I didn’t pay as much attention to all that like I should have.


Coincidentally, Monday, I was reading an article on how to tell if your site has been hacked. The article provided a link to a site to test your site.


When I put in, I discovered that six pages at Konceptuality showed up as having been hacked. I then looked to see if I could see any HTML code that did not belong.


Sure enough, I did – in the HTML code at the bottom of each page.


I immediately contacted my web host so they could “seal the hole” and advise me of what to do next. Aside from what I already knew to do – change my password.


To make sure my blog sites were free from hacking, I ran them through the Sucuri sitecheck, too.


Needless to say, going forward I’ll be paying closer attention to what’s going on in that regard.


In fact, it’s a good idea for any of us to set a regular time to monitor any sites for potential hacking issues. To help with this, there are software programs that will alert you to such hacking. There are also services designed to protect against hacking. Although even a service might not always be able to keep it from happening.


While working to find hidden hacking on your website can be stressful, you are better off doing all that you can to protect your site up front. And above all, include in that keeping your website tools updated at all times.


For additional tips on keeping your site safe, take a look at Blake Webster’s ebook, WordPress Security Fundamentals: Protect Your Website from Hackers and Identify WordPress Security Issues


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