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Testimonials – what she said!

feedback-iconYou’re in the process of creating a new product (book, ebook, software, WordPress plugin, etc.) for your readers, customers and potentials!


Since your creation is a brand new product that nobody has yet, initially you’re not going to be able to easily include testimonials. After all, no one has seen it or knows what it is. So your first step is to make sure a number of people can get their hands on your product to try as soon as possible.


1. For starters, recruit at least 10 people to try your product. Tell them you’d really appreciate a testimonial if they find your product is helpful to them. Most people will be more than willing to do this in exchange for a quality product. If the product isn’t good, don’t worry, they’ll let you know.


2. Send your testers a form with questions to answer about your product. This way, the responses you get will be structured and will include the details that you need to construct a testimonial to complement your sales copy.


And while you’re at it, consider asking your testers the following:


a. What problems did you have before getting this product that the product solved for you?
b. What benefits did you get from the product?
c. Would you recommend this product to others and if so, what would you say to them to convince them they need your product.


3. Next, send them a letter asking them if you can use their responses as a testimonial and if you can reword their responses as needed. (You’re looking for permission not to change the content of the testimonial but simply to word it in a way that makes it flow as well as possible.) In most cases, if they answer the questions asked, you’ll have very little editing to do.


4. Ask your testers for a photo that you can use on your sales page. (Photos carry more weight with a testimonial.) Audio testimonials are even better, if you can get them.


5. And finally, if necessary, redo the testimonial in a way that will get the attention of your readers.


You’ll find that if the questions were answered completely, you will have to do very little editing. While you may have to leave some things out if the testimonial is long, you shouldn’t have any issues getting enough material for each testimonial.

Here’s a video course that’s worth a look; Web Copy and Landing Pages – “How to Get Higher Conversions, Boost Response, and Increase Sales” that offers some more ideas to help you with your web copy and sales pages.


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