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Understanding Keyword Research Principles in Order to Build Your Niche Website

Eren Mckay, today’s guest blogger, shares her insight about using Keyword Research to build your niche website.


Okay, so you’ve decided to create a website and you’ve even chosen the niche that you want to go into but you don’t really know how to go about choosing the right keyword phrases. Here in this article I’ll be covering different aspects of keyword research to help you understand the uses for each one.

Understanding different types of keywords:


There are billions of keyword phrases out there… how do we know which ones are the best? If your goal is to make sales, then you’ll want to pick keywords that convert. For example; if someone types in the keyword phrase: what is the meaning of the color pink, they are obviously not wanting to buy anything.


This kind of keyword phrase is what we call an informational keyword. The mindset of the person that’s typing in this kind of keyword is to simply find something out.


Informational keywords are great to include in your content strategy. If you were selling an ebook on color therapy for example, then the keyword phrase “what is the meaning of the color pink” would be closely related to your ebook. You could use a call to action for them to find out more about the ebook at the end of the article.


If you have already determined what you want to sell, then you can research different keyword phrases associated to that product. Once you have found them, simply create a page with an article targeted towards each informational keyword phrase.


Have a call to action for your product on each one. Informational keyword phrases can also be used as titles for guest posts that will link back to your main product keyword on your website.


Product Versus Informational Keywords


Even though informational keywords have their place, if you really want to generate sales from your web pages you’ll want to pick product keywords. For example: if someone is searching for Anne Geddes baby shower invitations, there’s a large chance that they actually want to purchase them. They were very specific in what they were looking for when they typed that keyword in: a certain type of invitation.


Another example of a product keyword phrase is elegant baby shower favors. Notice the word ‘favor’. A favor is an object; just like shoes, bed sheets, or even plane tickets. When someone searches for an object, they usually want to purchase it.


This is what we call a product or commercial keyword. Product keyword phrases are usually very competitive simply because they generate sales. However, you can find long tail product keyword phrases that are less competitive and therefore easier to rank for.


Searcher Intent


It’s essential to analyze the mindset behind each keyword phrase. This mindset is often referred to as ‘searcher intent’. This means you have to put yourself in the searcher’s shoes, so to speak. Try to imagine what the searchers are looking for when they type those keywords into the search engines.


There have been times when I thought I had found a great keyword only to find out that the meaning was completely different from what I had imagined. There might be a song or video game with those keywords that you didn’t know of. Researching is essential to understand the intent of the searcher and the true meaning of those keywords.


I know many people that rank for lots of informational keyword phrases and have loads of traffic to their website; however the traffic is not converting into sales. Their mistake was that when they began making their website, they only chose informational keywords that didn’t convert. They didn’t use a call to action to a closely related product nor did they choose any product keywords.


Don’t get me wrong: there are actually excellent informational keyword phrases that do convert into sales, however product keywords typically have a much higher conversion. When I started researching for my creative baby shower ideas blog, I decided to include a mix of product and informational keywords. Usually the types of informational keywords that convert the most into sales are in niches where people are a bit desperate such as weight loss, debt control, dating, etc.


The Tools of the Trade:


Now that you know a bit more about the differences in types of keyword phrases and ‘searcher intent’, you can actually start looking for good keywords.


To start off, simply type in words related to your niche into the keyword tool. Here are two free keyword tools: Google’s Adwords tool and Wordtracker’s free keyword tool.


If you type in a small 2 phrase keyword you will find thousands of suggestions come back. Try to classify each keyword phrase that you see under informational or product keyword. That way you’ll be able to get a notion as to how to map your website and put your content strategy together.


If you would like more ideas for keyword phrases, Quintura is a cool free online tool that will help you find synonyms and other phrases that describe your niche. Once you have your content strategy and website mapped out, you can either start writing for your website, or hire writers that will help you with this task.


* * * * *

Eren Mckay is a work at home mom to 3 boys who has created several niche websites. She won the
SEO Woman of the Year 2012 contest
and loves to help others learn how to make a living online.


Jewels of Life: Believe, Dream, Internet Marketing, Resources



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