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In the interest of disclosure and "transparency" and for the purposes of the new FTC Guidelines, I am an Affiliate for some of the products promoted at this site.


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Unreleased PAID report … yours free (Until Friday, Feb 26, 10 p.m. Central)

In the last day or so, you’ve probably seen this rare opportunity in your email Inbox. It’s a chance from Jimmy D. Brown to get a “real” PAID report at zero charge to you. (This isn’t one of those deals where someone is giving something away that never was to be sold in the first place, but they pretend it was.)


Jimmy D. Brown is about to shut down his Small Reports Zone site permanently. He’s “retiring” ALL of his current products and services, beginning with this site.


As he was making preparations to shut the site down, he realized that there were several small reports that Nicole and he had planned to add to the site but never got around to doing so.


In fact, Nicole had a download page and the files prepped for one great report entitled, “The Ultimate Free Traffic Model”. It was originally part of one of Jimmy’s larger products and they had extracted it to sell on the site for $15 along with the other reports.


While he easily COULD have sold hundreds (really thousands) of copies of the report this week as part of his retirement, he decided to give away complimentary copies of this paid report.


No charge. No lists to join. For real, no charge.


Here is the original download page that Nicole setup…


Info Profit Share


Download your copy today.


When he shuts down the site at 10 P.M. Central tonight, this freebie will be gone too. No reason why you shouldn’t at least get a copy of it before it’s gone.




Today, Friday, February 26, is THE last day to purchase any of his small reports from Info Profit Share. Tonight at 10PM Central time, Jimmy will be shutting the site down and no longer accepting any new orders.


These are all on sale for only $10 each!


At Info Profit Share


NOTE: My recommendation is that you at LEAST get a copy of his 65-page “operations manual”, Homepreneur Habits.


If you spend only $10 all year, this is the best value you’ll find anywhere. Period.


The rest of them are pretty darn good too. 🙂


Info Profit Share


Grab the complimentary copy of the unreleased paid report. And order copies of anything else you want. They’ll all be gone tonight.


Best regards and happy getting the free,


Karen McGreevey


Jewels of Life: Believe, Internet Marketing, Resources, Tutorials



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