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Using Your Blog to Drum Up Business…

Blogs are a great way to market your business, but that’s not all! They are also an excellent way to handle pre-launch marketing for information products. Your blog posts can really get people interested in the new product you are getting ready to offer. When marketing your product, your objective is to create a demand and generate an interest.


Thus, your blog is a great way to accomplish this. You can write informally, and put all kinds of media applications in your blog. You can also optimize your blog to “get the attention” of additional outside traffic from a variety of sources.


You probably know by now that your blog can be used for a number of different purposes. On a personal level, you can use your blog to keep your friends and family updated on the things going on in your life. And on a business level, your blog becomes a powerful tool which can be used to optimize your content. Which in turn attracts business to your Web site and ultimately increases your sales.


Now, you can also use your blog to let your customers know what is “happening” with your business. In fact, your blog becomes almost like an “interactive newsletter” where your readers can comment and share ideas with you. This is where your blog becomes one of the more powerful tools for prelaunch marketing applications.


Most blogs generate a reader list or have a way to notify subscribers when you have posted new information. So your first step to creating a blog is to attract attention with your title. It should be something designed to attract attention and encourage people to visit your blog to read about the info product or service you are offering.


Your blog post itself is just as important. Once you have your reader’s attention and you’ve encouraged him/her to “get thee” to your blog, you want to keep them engaged. You can do this through a number of different ways, but the best way is to provide easy to read, informative content.


There are several ways you can do this. For instance, start with a simple, single post in which you introduce your information product, explain what it is, when it will be available, and list some of its basic benefits.


You can also create a blog series. This is a series of posts on the topic covered in your information product, and mentions the product in each post. Your series should also state how the product can assist your reader, either by providing additional information or by giving the related convenience or service.


Your message should be easy to read. In fact, you’ll find bullet points are often welcome additions to posts like this.


As far as length, these types of posts should be kept to “half a page” at the most.


Your paragraphs should be small, and designed to highlight rather than to provide a whole lot of information. Further, your blog is a great way to let your existing customers and readers know about your info products. It also gives them a “heads up” on what they can look forward to. And it provides a great marketing tool because it helps you to optimize your content and thus to bring in traffic from outside sources.


You can place your blog posts in more places than just your main blog, you know. In fact, it is not uncommon to post your articles or thoughts to a variety of services to increase your marketing range.


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